Virtual Book Launch Party A-Go-Go!


It's Here!Glad you could make it! Grab a virtual cupcake, smooch an innocent bystander, and leave your celebratory comments below. What have you brought along with you – virtual party hats? Virtual noise makers? A virtual date? A virtual Exedrin headache?

Be one of the FIRST FIVE VISITORS to leave a comment below and you’ll win a free copy of the book with my name scribbled in it. Whoof! Be sure to include your email address when you leave your comment so I can contact you for particulars. (Comments are being moderated and may not appear on the site immediately. Also, I reserve the right to deep-six any comments for objectionable content. Don’t be one of those party guests.)

If you’re not among those lucky five and are aching to stock up on copies, buy ’em from Amazon or from Llewellyn. With my deep thanks and everlasting gratitude.

18 comments to " Virtual Book Launch Party A-Go-Go! "

  • Anna M. Davis

    Dear April:

    Congratulations! You took on the challenge and you accomplished your goal! I look forward to reading your book. Your sense of logic appeals to me very much ((Yes, I do read your articles)) as does your writing style – to me both express a depth of thought that is often paired with a spicy dose of humor .

    I am an astrologer too; I am often asked to ‘pick the right date’ for the wedding, or to delineate a ‘wedding date’ chart. I imagine “Star Guide to Weddings” will give the world a fresh astrologically based perspective on a very common and yet very special event.

    Wishing you much success,

  • Leisa

    Congratulations, April! I wish you and your new book much success. I love your astrological essays, and especially appreciate the articles you’ve written to help out others who are looking to become astrologers themselves. Yay, book release!

    I’m so excited you did this and grateful to all the hints you gave me about my book that I will someday finish 🙂

    One of the things that drew me to you in the first place was your website, of course, but the story you wrote about your mother and about your husband and electional/wedding astrology. You’re the perfect person to write it! 🙂

    Amy Herring

  • Congratulations to you, April. Hopefully you’ll bring much harmony to newlyweds everywhere – God knows, the planet can use all it can get these days.

    And we already know what a good writer you are. I’m sure the book is more of the same.

  • Hearty congrats! I have a pal with a mega wedding site. Sending her a link to your book. Good luck!

  • Hi April
    Though I’m not one of the first five, I wanted to drop by and say hi (while munching on a cupcake, of course) and a hearty Congratulations. I’m so excited for this day to finally be here for you! I’m going to attempt to get the day off work at the “U” so I can come to your in-body book party on 2.16 (at which I hope to actually buy a signed copy of your book :-). Until then, cheers and enjoy your success !

  • Dana

    Congratulations! And the virtual cupcakes are fat and sugar free! You know I love your book and can’t wait to recommend it to my clients–both those about to wed and those who already have. Everyone who’s had a wedding will enjoy looking at what the birthdate of their marriage means. I especially love your references to films… gives a fresh new romanticism to the relationship stories of brides and grooms.

  • I just ate the tops off all the virtual cupcakes — buttercream icing…mmmm. But I brought more, along with a big balloon that says Congratulations!

  • You guys are the coolest – thank you so much for sharing this happy day with me! If it weren’t for my online writing habit, and the friends and visitors of this site, it’s safe to say this book never would have happened. It’s funny how the world works, eh? Love and buttercream icing to all (well, no more icing for Molly – naughty Molly, eating the tops of all the cupcakes! 😉

  • yay!!! Congrats April!

    I brought virtual peanut butter bees (they’re like reeses peanut butter cups but they taste better 😉

  • Congratulations, April!!

  • Shareen

    How many years! Well done! And, a beautiful result!

    I’m shooting to finish a (fiction) book this year, too. Others, and now YOU have inspired me — that it can be done! Great work, April, I wish you and the book much success.

  • gioia

    Wow April, congrats on your big fat wedding guide!(grabs a vegan cupcake)
    I’m logging to Amazon to make sure one copy gets to Italy.
    So you can boast an international audience now!


  • Heh. I was *buying* my copy, anyway! 😉

    Many, many hugs, my friend.

  • Lara Owen

    Hi April.
    Fabulous idea, and I bet it’s a great book.
    May it sell massively!

  • Microsofty

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, but haven’t been around lately, and all I can is is WOW! WOW!Congratulations!

  • Anna M. Davis

    Hello April:

    ‘Star Guide to Weddings’ is a no nonsense little book that will surely hold it’s own the astrological bookshelf.



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