Birthday Bundle


Your birth chart is the fundamental map of your life’s character and promise. But you’re growing and changing, and astrology has methods of moving your chart forward to reflect these changes. When better than your birthday to take stock of where you are and where you’re headed? Order a Birthday Bundle any time of the year and get two of my most popular annual reports:

Steven Forrest’s Sky Log report is an in-depth look at your transits and secondary progressions for the year ahead, presented in Forrest’s trademark warm, accessible writing style.


Download a sample Sky Log report


Mary Shea’s Solar Return Report takes a detailed and insightful look at the chart for the moment each year when the Sun returns to the exact point in the sky where it stood at your birth. Called the Solar Return chart, this is a cosmic x-ray of your entire birthday year at a glance.


Download a sample Solar Return report

Ordering your reports:
Since Sky Log and Your Solar Return are based on your individual birth chart, they are NOT available for immediate download. Your report will be prepared and EMAILED within 48 hours of receiving your payment.

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  • Fill out and submit the order form. IMPORTANT – the Solar Return report is extremely birth-time sensitive. Even being off a few minutes from the exact birth time can give an unreliable result. If you don’t have an exact birth time, please consider ordering a Sky Bundle instead!
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  •  Your report will arrive by email within 48 hours!


About the authors

Steven Forrest (Sky Log) is the author of several astrological bestsellers, including The Inner Sky and most recently, The Book of the Moon. His work has been translated into a dozen languages. He leads an active astrological apprenticeship program, as well maintaining a busy private astrological practice. He lives in Borrego Springs, California.


Mary Shea (Solar Return) is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, counselor, and astrologer. A lifelong student of mysticism and metaphysics, Mary integrates spiritual principles with psychological concepts to foster personal growth, give clarity to life purpose and vocation, and harmonize the body, heart and mind. For the past 30 years, Mary has developed and conducted creative education programs on astrology and pathways to Higher Consciousness. She is the author of the book “Planets in Solar Returns.”