Your Solar Return Report


Your birthday sets the tone for the year ahead. In this 1 year (birthday to birthday), 40+ page long report, author Mary Shea guides you through the house placement of each planet in your solar return chart and its aspects to other planets.

Mary Shea is the author of one of my top 10 favorite astrology books: Planets in Solar Returns rarely leaves my desk! What I love about Mary’s solar return work is that it’s filled with the kind of observations and insights you can only get from a very astute astrologer who’s been watching solar return charts in action for years.

I’m confident this report is one of the best birthday gifts you could give yourself – or someone else!

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Ordering your reports:
Since this report is based on your individual birth chart, it is NOT available for immediate download. Your report will be prepared and EMAILED within 48 hours of receiving your payment.

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About the author

Mary Shea is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, counselor, and astrologer. A lifelong student of mysticism and metaphysics, Mary integrates spiritual principles with psychological concepts to foster personal growth, give clarity to life purpose and vocation, and harmonize the body, heart and mind. For the past 30 years, Mary has developed and conducted creative education programs on astrology and pathways to Higher Consciousness. She is the author of the book “Planets in Solar Returns.”