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Pluto moved into Sagittarius in January 1995 where, save for a brief period between April and November of that year, it has remained ever since. Until today – when at 5:02 pm PST it will leave that sign, and won’t return for another 233 years.

Isn’t it staggering to think that if you’re a young person in your late twenties or early thirties, Pluto has been in Sagittarius nearly half your life? Thirteen years is a bit less a third of my life, but a very significant third. The distance between age 34 and age 47 is vast, psychologically and physiologically. When Pluto entered Sagittarius I was – well, not a baby, but certainly much cuter, much more idealistic, more ambitious. I’m sure getting thirteen years older would have left its mark regardless of Pluto’s sign, but Pluto moving through my first house and making some pretty brutal aspects along the way has seen changes in me that I never expected. And mostly they’re changes I’m not proud of, to be honest. I’m not as nice as I used to be, as forgiving, as trusting, as positive, as open-minded or open-hearted. I’m not aging as gracefully or soulfully as I’d have hoped.

On the other hand, I’ve survived a generally rough period in my life, and have some positive things to show for it – a strong marriage, solid friendships, a family that’s smaller but even more tightly knit, a house that I mostly love, and something resembling a career. That which doesn’t kill us… well, you know the rest.

Anyway, I’m not sorry to close this chapter in my life, although I’m thankful for the love, beauty, and good that I’m lucky enough to enjoy. It’s been a tough chapter for me personally, and what’s more, I’m not sure civilization as a whole is going to come off all that well when these years make their way into the history books. Globalization, ecological violence, and extreme ideological warfare appear to have been Pluto in Sagittarius’ dubious legacy, and I can’t say the world seems better for it.

But if I’m still idealistic about anything, it’s this: that every transit, and every moment in history, has its purpose, and the potential to elevate us. In particular, Pluto moving through a sign purifies and distills the symbolism of that sign by burning away its most damaging vanities in a ferocious bonfire – liberating its best qualities to take flight. If I may offer up my version of a Sabian symbol for this moment of transition, it would be this: Propelled by air that’s been warmed by an open flame, a balloon lifts off. When the kids born with Pluto in this Sagittarius eventually reach maturity and come to power, my hope is we’ll see the return of that beautiful, hope-filled balloon … carrying our highest principles and aspirations, and leading us into a new era of innovation and spiritual awakening.

How are you different now than you were thirteen years ago? And how has Pluto in Sagittarius left its mark on you?

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  • Reality

    I have lost pretty much everything and many many people have passed on..
    I look in the mirror and I can not even recognize what my haircolor used to be. The last 12 years have been very hard and as an eart sigh I am looking with hope and renewal at Pluto in Capricorn.

  • I literally lost my religion shortly after Pluto entered Sagittarius. Pluto had been squaring my Sun/Mercury conjunction in the 10th, which was changing me in tremendous ways, anyway. But it wasn’t until Pluto broke into Sagittarius that I really discovered me in a very powerful way. (In fact, I’ve told you the story. THAT story!) 🙂

    I’m not excited about t. Pluto eventually squaring my Moon/Saturn conj. in about 5 years. In fact, he totally freaks me out. But, hey, I’ve survived his blows before, always with pretty amazing turnarounds. I guess as I get older, I especially don’t like seeing my 6th house getting battered.

  • Kath Tutill

    I am a Scorpio Sun/Moon/Mercury with 26degrees Sagittarius Ascending! Pluto(bless him) has hit my Ascendant (very personal contact) twice whilst travelling behind in my 12th house…. With Pluto moving into Capricorn today, and through my 1st house, I have the next 10 years or so to complete my extreme transformation. Pluto transits, they say, are gutting – they leave you open and wounded and you have to dig deep to start the healing process yourself. I have endured, in the last 3years; a collapsed lower back, small heart attack, an abusive divorce (dragged through the Courts), a house move and 5 family deaths; along with single parenting 3 young children, all born in the last 13 years! My Natal Pluto is 26degress of Virgo, so a happy trine I hope with Pluto in Capricorn. I am a stronger person because of it, but some PEACE would be nice. Lets not forget Pluto is one of my ruling planets! SO… PLUTO friend or foe??!!

  • Anonymous

    13 years..well, that would begin my first marriage which ended in divorce 3 short years later. The next decade was a struggle to find peace, find a true soul mate and then my daughter. It’s been an interesting and not-so-easy road, but the outcome is sweet.

  • Joseph

    The horrific terrorist attack yesterday in Mumbai, India’s financial capital by Muslim extremist is a potent example of Saggitarian (religion)/Capricorn (business/financial/laws) energy being stoked by Pluto. Given the recent financial worldwide meltdown, and continuing terrorist attacks, the next 23 years ought to be quite a ride.

  • flip

    I am a pisces with a virgo moon. Pretty much feeling pummelled by Pluto in Sag.

  • Hi April – I’d say the most Sag-appropriate thing I’ve done in those 13 years is finish college. here’s cheers to helping each other get through THAT! I think I befriended the concept of higher education again in a way I hadn’t been able to since I dropped out of college in 1980. Overall, though I still have rebel Uranus in the 9th, thank you very much, I feel good about that.

  • I’m a Pisces, Moon in Aries. When Pluto entered Sagatarrius I was 13 years of age. the years that followed were the inevitable severing of girlhood and slow, painful end of innocence. I became a woman in the last 13 years. I became a mother as well. There really was no “grey area” in the last 13 years, everything was either an incredible high, or a desperate low.

  • When Pluto first entered Sag I learned to read Tarot cards! It was 1995 and I remember it well. I had messed around with cards before but when I read Sonia Choquette’s book “The Psychic Pathway” (Sonia started writing books right at Pluto’s ingress into Sag) I KNEW I could do it! Toward the end of Pluto in Sag, about 2 years ago, I started learning astrology. I was 38 when Pluto entered Sag. I’m a late Pluto in Leo, and it’s a known fact that Pluto in Leo wants to remain young forever. My formula for staying “young” is never stop learning! That way you’re always a beginner at something!

  • Anonymous

    my 13 year old daughter has 1* Capricorn rising! She is a very strong and amazing young person, opinionated and outspoken!
    she was born when pluto crossed my moon at 26* scorpio. Pluto also crossed my husbands misheaven in mid Sag and conjuncted his moon and venus. He became very political and was involved in local lawsuits and activism.

  • Isolde

    Pluto transited my 8th/9th houses and touched on Neptune along the way. I kinda exploded in a big way, when I left my very strict, traditionally oriented Asian family to enter university, where I undertook a radical exploration of politics, sexuality, relationships, etc. It was exhausting and highly rewarding, with breaks from academics and taking jobs that taught me a lot about people and power. I also became estranged from my family due to my elopement. As Pluto approached my midheaven, I moved to another country, cried alot in the countryside; got into difficulties with my husband, traveled back to the states to see my friends, reunite with family, and get my priorities straight; and returned to my husband and promptly and successfully applied to a masters program, which I am in at the moment. Who knows what this new cycle will bring?!

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