Episode 140 | Podathon Day #2: Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? with Maressa Brown!

It’s DAY TWO of the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! It’s your chance to support the podcast and have a chance to win exciting prizes! In astrology news, April explores what happens as today’s Moon, still in businesslike Capricorn, connects with the big change-agent planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There’s a long void-of-course Moon period late in the afternoon, then the Moon enters quixotic Aquarius… more about that tomorrow! Plus: Today’s guest is journalist and astrologer Maressa Brown, author of the upcoming book Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parents’ Guide to Astrology!  Maressa joins April for a discussion of how the Moon can help parents understand their own parenting styles and the unique needs of their little ones!

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[0:33] Welcome to DAY TWO (September 6, 2022) of the third annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! This is the week each year when April brings you five daily episodes – complete with FIVE very special guests, prizes, and special bonus episodes – and not coincidentally, it’s when April sends out appeals for donations to keep this show running! Make your donation here!

[1:20] Big thanks to the merry Big Sky Astrology band who help make the show possible: Angela (April’s editor), Joel (transcriptionist), and Sarah and Stephanie (help with the shownotes)!

[2:22] Everyone who donates $25 or more, as well as ongoing contributors, will be entered into a drawing to win a 90- or 60-minute reading with April, registration in one of her courses, or a beautiful astrology posted donated by Patrick Blasa of Tha Elegant Universe. It’s gorgeous! To be entered in the drawing, you must make your donation no later than Mon. Sep. 12, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific time!

[3:38] If you can’t contribute $25, April is also inviting donors of only $10 or more to her special episodes for the Equinoxes and Solstices. The September Equinox episode will be released on September 22nd, and will give you a comprehensive look ahead at the coming three months.

[4:07] And if you can’t contribute financially, that’s okay! April shares some ways to help the show for free!

[5:04] Podathon week gives April time to give the Moon a little extra attention. The day’s Moon sign describes the tempo and pace of the day and the way we cope with things emotionally.

[5:35] Today, the Moon finishes up its journey through Capricorn with a trine aspect to Uranus (in Taurus) at 2:23 am PDT; a sextile to Neptune (in Pisces) at 11:21 am PDT and a conjunction to Pluto (in Capricorn) at 2:43 pm PDT. The Moon will then be Void-of Course for six hours before entering Aquarius at 8:41 pm PDT. This morning could provide a helpful environment for adapting to change, especially in your work and career plans. Try giving in a little bit more to your intuition. The Void-of-Course Moon aspect to Pluto can be more challenging emotionally, but it could also be an excellent time to examine routines that may need to reworked. More about the Aquarius Moon tomorrow!

[7:02] Today’s Big Sky Astrology’s guest is Maressa Brown! Maressa is a journalist, author and astrologer with nearly two decades of professional experience with writing, reporting and editing lifestyle content.  If you’ve read an astrology-related article in Parents Magazine, In Style Magazine or Shape, it was almost certainly written by Maressa.  She is based in Los Angeles and her first book, Raising Baby by the Stars:  A New Parent’s Guide to Astrology, will be published by Artisan Books in February 2023.

[8:04] What does your Moon sign say about your parenting style? Maressa is a proud Moon in Virgo cat mama!

[9:04] Maressa shares insights gleaned from her kitty parenting style and from observing friends and family members who have welcomed little ones in this world. Your Moon sign can indicate how you nurture and want to be nurtured. You can use your Moon and your child’s Moon to understand the give-and-take of this nurturing relationship.

[9:58] With her Moon in early Virgo, Maressa feels like she’s very cerebral but also thoughtful and sensitive to detail. Acts of service, such as helping and researching health topics (very sixth house!), are very much a part of her nurturing style.

[10:52] April’s Moon in Virgo mom advised little April to clean out a drawer when she got upset. It was all about focusing on the here and now.

[11:34] How can a parent really think about the child’s Moon sign to help them understand their moods or their needs?  Maressa explains how a child’s Moon can be thought of as the emotional compass. Their Venus sign can show how a child relates to others. Maressa’s book goes into much more details with these topics.

[12:40] For example: A Moon in Libra (ruled by Venus) child might feel very nurtured by beautiful surroundings and indulging in all things artistic. Caring, nurturing and security are some Moon keywords, and the Moon’s sign in your chart describes how you will perform those functions.

[13:24] An Aries Moon baby may love connecting over high energy activities, including competition or even arguing! Aries thrives on being somewhat unsafe, doing new things and pioneering new trails. If that sounds like a weird mix with the security-loving Moon, well, people contain multitudes and can be contradictory, and this can be seen in the birth chart.

[14:47] In Maressa’s book, parenting experts offer tips on how to hold space for and nurture Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs.

[15:48] What about the whole process of conception, pregnancy, bringing a new child in to the family?  What might the Moon tell us about that?

[18:24] Not only is Maressa coming out with a book and planning a wedding, she’s also writing the fall astrological guide and monthly horoscopes for InStyle Magazine! Look for it on Apple News. The upcoming Equinox, Mercury retrograde and eclipses will be covered. Get ready to hit the reset button this fall!

[21:39] Sign up for Maressa’s mailing list at her website to receive updates about her book and other projects. Her book Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parents’ Guide to Astrology  will be released in February 2023, but it’s available for pre-order now. So pre-order a copy for your favorite parents-to-be and make Maressa’s publisher very happy!

Pre-order from Amazon.com!

[22:54] That’s a wrap for DAY TWO of the third annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! This weekly podcast is audience-funded and your generous donations help April bring this podcast to you each week!  Please make your donation at bigskyastropod.com. If you’re a regular listener, you know that April likes to thank everyone on the air over the coming year. If you don’t want your name mentioned, please drop her an email at April(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com.  If you do want your name to be mentioned, phonetic spellings are welcome by email, or just leave your name at speakpipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast!

[24:22] Join April tomorrow for DAY THREE of the Podaton, when her guest will be Celeste Brooks of Astrology by Celeste!

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