Astrology Highlights for May 29-June 5, 2023: The Bigger Life

The End of the Rainbow

The Moon’s true North Node entered the sign of Taurus on Jan. 18, 2022. If the North Node symbolizes the path to growth and personal satisfaction, then indulging in a Taurus view of the world has been the best way to take that journey over the past eighteen months. Taurus’ wisdom lives in moving more slowly; enjoying the pleasures of the physical world; caring for living things; cultivating unshakeable confidence and security.

As Jupiter, newly in Taurus, makes a conjunction with the North Node (June 1, 2023, 5:43 pm PDT), they’re on the Sabian symbol 4 Taurus: The rainbow’s pot of gold. If you’ve consciously detached from the Scorpio South Node of fear and suspicion and taken steps to make yourself more secure and to enjoy the world more, you won’t be surprised to reach the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Enjoy and celebrate the richness of your life. Once the North Node enters Aries on July 17, you’ll feel prepared to embark on the kind of challenging adventure that makes the Aries soul thrive.

The Healing Bridge

I was born with Venus in Cancer trine Neptune, and before my life as an astrologer I was a singer and musician. When I stood onstage to sing, I could feel a loving exchange of energy between me and the audience. And if it was an especially vulnerable and emotional song, I could feel a kind of magical, almost healing interchange.

All art has the potential to elevate us, heal us, and bond us more closely with others. As Venus trines Neptune (June 2, 2023, 3:42 pm PDT) this week, it’s on the Sabian symbol 28 Cancer: A modern Pocahontas. Leaving aside the problematic elements of her story, we can appreciate this legendary tribal princess as Elsie Wheeler might have when she channeled this Sabian symbol: as a mediator between cultures.

Likewise, when Venus trines Neptune, it’s easier than usual to summon our talents and our loving hearts to create a beautiful, uplifting, and healing bridge between ourselves and others – or maybe one special other.

Matryoshka Doll

Sagittarius is the “Big Picture” sign, and Full Moons shine a bright, sometimes unforgiving light on some area of our lives. Not surprisingly, the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 3, 2023, 8:41 pm PDT) demands an honest answer to a big question: “Is this enough?” And with the Sun and Moon both square Saturn in Pisces, this question contains another, nested within it like a Matryoshka doll: “Are you willing to do the hard work required to make your life bigger?”

Each Full Moon represents the culmination of three lunar cycles. The first cycle began at the most recent New Moon – in this case, the May 19 New Moon at 28º25′ Taurus, which asked: What do you need to feel secure? The second cycle began at the Nov. 23, 2022 Sagittarius New Moon; this Full Moon is the “response” to that New Moon’s “call.” And the third cycle began at the previous New Moon close to this Full Moon degree – on Dec. 3, 2021 (12º22′ Sagittarius). We’re now at the midpoint of a story that began at that New Moon, and it’s a story about your desire for a bigger, freer life.

So, is there a part of your life that you’ve outgrown? How free do you feel? Is this enough? And what are you willing to do to make it even better?

Jumping Tracks

One day in 1941, while on a hike in the Alps, Swiss engineer George de Mestral found himself curious about at the burdock seeds that stuck to his woolen socks and to his dog’s fur. After observing the tenacious burrs under a microscope and uncovering their mysteries, he was inspired to develop a clothing fastener that worked on the same principle. In 1955, he filed a patent for a “hook and loop” fastener – which he called Velcro.

Our brains tend to run along predictable tracks, based on existing knowledge and past experience, until one day we run across a new concept that makes our brain jump to a new track. It might come from another person, a book, a tv program; it might even come from taking a closer, curious look at something we encounter in nature. When Mercury, planet of perception and ideas, comes together in a conjunction with innovative Uranus (June 4, 2023, 12:49 pm PDT), take a closer look at anything that piques your interest. It could lead to your mind jumping the track that’s headed for genius.

Writing and images © 2017-23 by April Elliott Kent

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