Wedding Date Tutorial: No Perfect Date

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We might as well get clear about one thing before we go any further: Just as there are no perfect marriages, there are no perfect wedding dates. And even if there were, no one would use them because they would inevitable fall on a Wednesday afternoon in March. So, using astrology to choose a date for your wedding will be terrific practice in employing one of marriage’s most essential skills: compromise.

Many times clients have approached me to choose a wedding date for them, saying, “We’re completely flexible. We’ll do it whenever you say.” But they didn’t mean it. Oh, they thought they meant it. But when push came to shove, not only would they not hold a wedding at 3:00 a.m. on Monday in Beliz to get the best possible chart, they wouldn’t even consider Monday. Of course they meant a weekend – any weekend day I chose. I mean, obviously.

But they didn’t mean that either, because they really meant any Saturday I chose. Just forget Sunday. And not Saturday at 9:00 a.m. either; what they really meant was between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. And not just any Saturday, either; it had to be one of two Saturdays in June when their Aunt Marion would be in town.

When I present to them the indisputable evidence that these two dates suck beyond belief, astrologically speaking, they are shocked and disbelieving. So I break it to them as gently as possible: You can compromise and have a decent wedding chart, or you can have the wedding exactly when and where you want it, in which case I have no idea why you’re paying me good money for my opinion.

You begin to see that this choosing a wedding date business can be rather complicated, for reasons that have nothing to do with astrology.

In the real world, both the astrologer (who of course dreams of the perfect chart) and the couple (with dreams of their own) will have to compromise. What follows in this tutorial is a best case scenario of “electing” a satisfactory wedding date. Your mileage may, of course, vary.

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