Wedding Date Tutorial: The Time – Third Try

In our previous step we considered two charts for a Saturday, April 28, 2001 wedding for Kate and Malcolm. So far no good.

We know our Saturday wedding will need to take place before 2:53 in the afternoon, when the moon goes void of course. We tried charts for 2:45 pm and 12:39 pm, but each had what your computer during Mercury retrograde might call “a fatal error.” The 2:45 pm chart had Pluto and Mars in the 4th house, and by the time they moved out of the 4th house, Uranus had moved into the 7th. Our next move is to get Uranus out of the 7th; to do that we have to move the chart back to 11:28 am. Here’s the chart:

A golden rule of electional astrology is that the chart must have between 3 and 27 degrees of a sign on the Ascendant; this one has 28 Cancer rising. That could easily be tweaked, but we have another problem: Neptune is in the 7th house. With a wedding chart, we will not brook anything but lovely, happy planets in the 7th house. Let’s get Neptune out of the 7th:

Backing up to 10:13 a.m., Neptune is out of the 7th house. The Moon is right on the Ascendant, which is kind of nice. Not a horrible chart. I’m not crazy about Saturn ruling the 7th house, especially Saturn at 0 degrees of a sign. But at least the Moon (ruler of the 1st) is not in poor aspect to Saturn (ruler of the 7th), which is another rule of a wedding electional, plus Saturn receives a nice sextile from Venus. In an ideal world, would we put Capricorn on the 7th house cusp? We would not, and I would be questioning this couple very, very closely about Saturn issues before bestowing this chart on them.

So it’s not the chart of my dreams, but (1) the Moon is very strong by sign, by placement, by aspect; (2) Venus is conjunct the Midheaven and sextile Saturn (for longevity); (3) all the big-time malefics are out of the angular houses; (4) 1st and 7th house rulers are not in bad aspect, and though Venus and Mars (ruler of male/female) are technically square, it’s an out-of-sign separating square; (5) Sun and Moon (other symbols of male/female) are in a nice sextile to each other.

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