Venus and Mars in Aries: Wild horses

aries-cowgirlTransiting Venus and Mars entered Aries last week, and over the past couple of days they made trines to Saturn in Sagittarius. Normally a deliberate and focused worker (with no Aries planets in my birth chart), I’ve had a devil of a time settling down and getting anything done. About all I’ve got to show for my flailing efforts is a stack of printouts, notebooks, and folders, the detritus of a half-dozen projects, taking over one side of my desk.

In my frenzy of Aries enthusiasm, I’ve jumped from idea to idea over the past week, tossing each one aside when it proved too difficult. And while Saturn is normally helpful when it comes to sticking with things, in Sagittarius he’s looser than usual. “Keep those arrows flying!” I heard him mumble. “A couple of them are bound to hit their targets!”

I want to do everything, I want to do it now, and if it takes any longer than 20 minutes it’s getting shoved in the pile just to my left.

I may have no Aries planets in my birth chart, but I’ve got a strong Mars, and I always figured that made me a kind of honorary Aries. But the energy is completely different. My Mars is in Virgo, in the 10th house, trine Saturn; it has energy, but there is none of the jangling, high-octane impatience and restlessness of Aries. It is a horse that is comfortable wearing a saddle.

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  • Gretchen

    First off! Just love your write-ups and pictures!
    Second…I have both Mars and Venus in Aries (both in 8th house) and I dont feel anymore inclined to get anything done than usual. Im sure I have something offsetting this and I want to figure it out! I feel like I run around all day and I still forget to do things and put things off or I write things down wrong…
    I want to use this energy to my advantage! Where do I look for answers?

    • Hi Gretchen – I don’t know if you mean you have Venus and Mars in Aries in the 8th house in your birth chart, or if you just mean transiting Venus and Mars in Aries are moving through your 8th house. In any event, the 8th house is less action oriented and more inward-focused. “Running around all day” definitely sounds like Mars or Aries, but forgetfulness or writing things down wrong is textbook Neptune stuff (or Mercury Retrograde).

      May I humbly recommend my book, “The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology,” as a pretty good all-purpose primer on reading your chart? It’s out of print, but you can still get used copies or the Kindle version at Amazon. Good luck!

  • Gretchen the Virgo Rising

    Hi April! Thanks for responding!
    They are in my birth chart in the 8th house. I have read about it some but it always seems a little vague or abstract. I haven’t read too much on Neptune but maybe I need to give it a little love. Mine is Sag in 4th house, hanging out with Jupiter and Uranus (I dont know much about him either!) – Ive always been very forgetful and really have a hard time with details and what people mean when they use words like “it, this/these that/those”. There is much information that gets lost with me but never EVER do I lose my keys! Why? Because I put them in the same place! (Thank you virgo rising!)
    Also congrats on your book selling out! I will check it out!

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