TRANSCRIPT Ep 001: Stars Over Thanksgiving

Big Sky Astrology podcast
Episode #1: Stars Over Thanksgiving (Nov. 26, 2019)

[00:00:00] Jen: [00:00:00] Welcome to the big sky astrology podcast with April Elliott Kent and me, producer and cohost Jen Braun. Hello friends, and welcome to our first week at the Big Sky Astrology podcast. I’m producer and cohost Jen Braun. I’m here with renowned astrologer and my cosmic collaborator, April Elliott Kent. Hi, April.

April: [00:00:32] If you’re a Leo, always work with a Libra, they will just make you feel like the best thing that ever lived!

Thank you Jen. What a sweet Intro. I don’t think I’m renowned, but that’s okay. That’s very, very sweet. Thank you. I’m delighted to be with you and very excited about launching this new project with you.

Jen: [00:00:53] Yeah, me too. So April, it’s the week of Thanksgiving, 2019 and. [00:01:00] Your superpower is bringing the big sky down to earth.

There are a number of planetary highlights happening this week, my friend. Where would you like to start off? Our very first planetary discussion, our inaugural cosmic chat.

April: [00:01:16] I think we’d better start with Venus, right? Because she is a jealous goddess, and if you don’t put her first, it’s not going to go well.

Jen: [00:01:23] Well, and she’s all about relationships, isn’t she?

April: [00:01:26] That’s right. And this is the dawn of our podcasting relationship. So I think it’s only appropriate that we start with the lovely Venus who this week is going into Capricorn, on November 25th I believe it is. Although I’m working on a very unfamiliar workstation and struggling to find what I need to find at any given moment….

Jen: [00:01:47] Uh, the 25th, I believe that’s correct. That’s what we talked about earlier.

Yes. So Venus going into Capricorn now, April. Venus going into Capricorn. Does that mean she’s [00:02:00] lining up with the constellation Capricorn?

April: [00:02:02] Well, kind of. So I know for people that are not astrologically advanced or whatever, you hear expressions like this, Venus going into Capricorn, and what it means is from our perspective on earth, it would appear that Venus is aligning with …Actually,  not technically the constellation Capricorn. Uh, that’s a long story.

Jen: [00:02:23] 2000 years ago, she actually would have been lined up with the constellation perfectly or did it make that up?

April: [00:02:30] No, you didn’t make that up. It’s called the procession of the equinoxes and you’ve summed it up actually really well. Suffice to say, from our point of view and using what we call the tropical Zodiac, we will say Venus is entering the sign of Capricorn. So Venus has a cycle that’s just a little bit under a year to go through the entire Zodiac. So she’s one of the faster moving planets. And she has a set of characteristics and things that we say she has dominion [00:03:00] over.

And when she moves into a new sign, we could say that we will all be happier and experience the pleasure principle most fully if we do so in accordance with the sign of Venus is moving through. That was a whole lot of words to say very little! Well, let’s put it this way. So you said before, Venus is about relationship, and that is certainly one of the meanings of Venus because Venus is about the principle of completion.

So I have this, you have that. When we get together, each, you know, have come together to make a whole. But it’s not just through our relationships with other people that we experience these principles, it’s through the world generally. What are the things that we like? The things that we’re attracted to and drawn to that bring our lives flavor and color and beauty and grace and harmony.

That’s all Venus territory. [00:04:00] So when Venus in the sky – transiting Venus, we call her – moves into a new sign, which she does about every three and a half weeks, we know that we are being called to give love and affection and pleasure to some new area of the world.

Jen: [00:04:18] That’s so lovely.

April: [00:04:20] I’ve always had the idea that every single little thing on the planet has someone who is uniquely designed to love it. That it would not have been created without somebody else being lined up to be its caretaker. You see this in people’s hobbies, right? People become passionately interested in such a wide variety of things. Look at the things that people collect or the TV programs they become obsessed with and everything out there has somebody who is designed to love it.

So what does it mean for [00:05:00] Venus to be moving into Capricorn? Well, what do you know about Capricorn? You know some astrology!

Jen: [00:05:05] I do know a thing or two. Capricorn is the mountain goat with a fish tail because Capricorns a hard worker can go all the way up the mountain, but also dive deep into the sea.

Capricorn is very much thought of as the top of the chart, which would make it sort of how we are seen in public – our social status. Capricorn’S about working. I guess I think of work, April. When I think of Capricorn, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind.

April: [00:05:47] That’s actually a very good key word for it.

Jen: [00:05:50] And I think although it’s probably limited, I mean, that’s being limited. Limiting.

April: [00:05:54] ell. All of the signs of the Zodiac and every planet and every house, as [00:06:00] we’ll discuss in our journey through this podcast, are so complex and have so many meanings. And the beauty of astrology is we use them holistically in combination with each other to try to get a sense of what they might mean or how they might express.

So you could say ny single key word about Capricorn. You’ve given us several good ones, you know, reputation, how we are out in the world, the work that we do. And you can’t take any single one of those and say that encompasses the entirety of Capricorn, but you can certainly say it gets us into Capricorn’s neighborhood.

And I think if, if I wanted to say a little more about Capricorn, it would be, it is about reputation and it’s about our calling. When I think of work in relation to Capricorn, it’s work in the larger sense, not just going off to a job every day, but having a career, having something that calls to us to do, work out in the world and to stand for [00:07:00] something bigger than what we are.

Jen: [00:07:03] So you could, um, you know, flip hamburgers at a fast food place for your job job, but you could dream of being a filmmaker and that that is really the essence of your Capricorn.

April: [00:07:18] Right. And a few really lucky people have a connection between those two things. If you find the planet that rules the sign on the 10th house cusp in the sixth house of a person chart, then you’re seeing a direct connection between those two or vice versa.

But for some people, if you’re, I mean, it may be that your passion is to flip burgers and have your own restaurant too. So, you know, you might be a lucky person that gets to do both and combine the two.

Jen: [00:07:52] So I’m picturing the chart, I’m picturing it divided into 12 equal pie pieces. And when you say the sixth [00:08:00] house, you mean the one that’s between three and four o’clock.

April: [00:08:03] I’m picturing that and I’m going, Oh my gosh, I haven’t looked at a clock in a while.   (laughs)

Jen: [00:08:11] Oh yeah. And some people can’t even read an analog clock anymore. No, no, no. So there, I’ve just dated myself.

April: [00:08:21] Oh yes you did. There’s one here on my computer somewhere….

Jen: [00:08:26] It’s to the right of the chart and the top of the chart is where noon would be.

April: [00:08:32] Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So there, there is a connection definitely between working and…and Capricorn’s a hard working sign. It’s just not necessarily about working at a j-o-b job. It can be… it’s an ambitious sign generally, and it’s the way that we put ourselves out in the world that gets us notice and hopefully respect it.

And if we don’t behave in [00:09:00] such a terrific way, this is when you’re like the Richard Nixon expression of Capricorn, you know, where the fall from grace is a very, very hard and humiliating one.

So if we try to combine these two ideas and say, Venus coming into Capricorn, we can say for the next few weeks, the idea is to bring more Venus and beauty and invite her into your work life. If we want to say it very simply, maybe it’s time to bring. Some beautiful flowers and colors and so forth into your workspace. Maybe it’s something about bringing people you enjoy into your work life with here, like I’m doing with you right now. I mean, you’re Venus coming into my Capricorn world, right?

So it’s just about finding ways to collaborate, which is a Venus concept, and, you know, find pleasure in the Capricorn areas of life. Does that make sense?

Jen: [00:09:59] Yeah, that’s [00:10:00] lovely.

April: [00:10:00] Yeah. The other thing I would say is if, if you’re a little further on the journey and you know how to find the house in your chart where Capricorn lives, and if you can find Capricorn’s symbol on the cusp of one of those houses, you know, that is the particular area of your life in the coming few weeks that wants that venous expression that wants you to have a little more… let’s have some fun, you know, have some chocolate.

Relax. Yeah. So those are my thoughts about Venus in Capricorn.

Jen: [00:10:32] Okay, so we have another, um, to switch topics here a little bit. We have another big thing happening this week, which is the new moon.  (April busts out a couple of bars of “Blue Moon”)  April used to be a singer. Well, you probably still are a singer.

April: [00:10:47] I am not a singer  (anymore)  though. I am not at all.  (laughs)

Of course that’s why we decided to launch when we did, because the New Moon is a good [00:11:00] time for new beginnings, for planting new seeds, and this one’s in Sagittarius, which is about taking a bold leap. Sagittarius always calls us to adventure and says, try something that you haven’t done before. Something foreign to you, something that’s a little bit of an adventure.

Jen: [00:11:20] Well, how appropriate for us to be doing this today.

April: [00:11:22] Right?

Jen: [00:11:24] I think of Sagittarius as broadening your horizons.

April: [00:11:29] Yeah, yeah. It’s ruled by Jupiter, Iit has some association with the ninth house of the chart, the house of long journeys over water , they used to call it. And it’s also about the ways in which we ourselves feel like foreigners.

Jen: [00:11:44] Say more about that.

April: [00:11:46] Yeah. So for instance, I remember going back to my hometown, um, probably seven years ago, and I hadn’t been there in a really long time. And going there, I was struck by how much [00:12:00] I felt like an outsider amongst the, the very people that knew me when I was the youngest.

I was born into that place, but I never felt like I belonged in that place. And you could point to a lot of things in my chart that sort of back that up. Hmm. But I think for each of us there is at least one area, and for most of us, more in our lives where we just feel like, I don’t know, we were born into the wrong family or into the wrong community or into the wrong religion, or even the wrong body.

So there’s lots of ways to feel like an outsider. And I find for people with a lot of Sagittarius emphasis in their chart, they often feel most at home when they’re around people who are nothing like them, where they have no history that they have to live up to. So, yeah, the New Moon in Sagittarius, I mean that the idea of the New Moon, generally is, it’s the point in the lunar cycle where the sun and the moon are lined up at the same degree of the same [00:13:00] sign.

It starts off a 28 and a half day cycle. It takes the energy and the message and the tone of the sign that it falls in. So the New Moon is a time where if you go outside in the evening, you will not see the moon. It’s a totally dark sky. because the moon sets with the sun, so you don’t see it.

And it’s this dark time. But what’s beautiful about  dark nights is how clear the stars are and that’s sort of … kind of a wonderment in and of itself. But the thing I always remind people about the New Moon… because if you read a lot of astrology blogs or listen to a lot of astrology, podcast, gen or whatever it is you’re doing…

You’ll hear a lot of people talk about the New Moon and talk about, Oh, it’s this great time to set intentions and decide what you want to do, you know, for the next month.

Jen: [00:13:54] I  have heard that, yeah.

April: [00:13:56] And I don’t disagree with that. And to some extent I do that myself. [00:14:00] But the thing that I remind people of is what you’re doing at the New Moon is you’re, you’re planting seeds in the dark.

It’s like you’ve gone outside at night with your bag of seeds and you just have to toss as many as you can in hopes of one or two of them will flourish. So we have to remember that, yeah, it’s a good time to plant seeds of intention, but we don’t know which ones are going to flourish and which ones aren’t.

We don’t exactly know where the seeds are going. And we’re kind of in the dark, so it’s not a…

Jen: [00:14:33] ow, I’m blown away right now. Wait a minute.

April: [00:14:35] Really?

Jen: [00:14:36] Yeah. Because no one’s ever explained it that way.

April: [00:14:39] I don’t know that I’m right.

Jen: [00:14:42] Well, I would disagree.

April: [00:14:45] I like to think I’m right – I am a Leo! But it’s just… that’s how I experienced the New Moon in nature, and I think that’s really instructive.

(…) ) So what I tell people is you will [00:15:00] know by the time, uh, you’ll know a little bit at the Full Moon about what starting to bear fruit, but you all know even more when we get to the FullMoon that’s in the same sign as this new moon.

Jen: [00:15:15] Six months later.

April: [00:15:16] Yeah. So the full moon in Sagittarius will come when the sun is in Gemini. So that puts it in June, usually. So, you know, it’s a process. It’s all starting now.

Jen: [00:15:28] So if people know what their natal chart looks like, they can basically look for that degree of Sagittarius and see which house it falls in.

And can you just say, and we’ll get back to the New Moon then, just a couple of sentences about what your natal chart is for people that don’t know, I’m sure I’ll have a lot of friends listening and stuff and they don’t, you know, they don’t. They don’t know what that necessarily means.

April: [00:15:49] Sure. Well, I used to be confused by the term natal. Cause I was really young when I was getting into astrology. I didn’t know about. ..

Jen: [00:15:57] During the Nixon administration.

[00:16:00] April: [00:15:59] Exactly. And so you hear about the nativity, like the nativity scene at Christmas, which I never really thought about. I thought it was some Mary and Joseph thing and that was it.

And I didn’t know about, um, prenatal care for babies. I never really had heard the word, but all it means is birth chart, right? It’s the chart of the nativit, of your nativity, and really it’s a breath chart. It’s a first breath chart. There are some people who contend, for instance, that we should calculate your chart based on when you were conceived, which of course is a much trickier chart to get right.

Jen: [00:16:36] When does that mean? What…

April: [00:16:38] Exactly. So really the idea of the birth chart is to say on this particular day when you were born at the exact moment that your first true breath in the place on the planet where you drew the breath, the sky looked a certain way relative to where you were. I was born [00:17:00] 3:01 in the afternoon in early August in 1961 in the Midwest. And if somebody were at the hospital to congratulate my parents and walked outside at the moment of my birth, and they could see the stars, which of course really can’t in the afternoon, but they would have seen the constellation Sagittarius rising in the East. So that is the ascending point in the chart. So that’s where the chart begins. Um, it’s the first house.

And the sky would have looked very, very different if I were born where my husband was in New Zealand at that time, the sky would have changed that different constellation rising in the East. The planets would have all been in the same place, but my perspective on them would have been utterly different.

So that’s why astrologers are so pedantic when we ask you what time you were born, because even four minutes can make a difference in the ascending sign and the subsequent house cusps. So what we do [00:18:00] is we present a geocentric view of the sky based on where you are it as if we are the center of the universe and not the sun.

Because to us, that’s the truth of the situation.

Jen: [00:18:15] That’s how we see things! That’s how we see things from our own point of view. So that’s why the map’s a little bit weird. And the top part is South, and that’s why the earth is the center. Yes. Yeah. It’s a little bit weird.

So we can only see things the way we see them.

April: [00:18:31] That’s right. Yeah. And, and the way we see them is very much based on… Did you come in on a hot August afternoon in the Midwest with the crickets buzzing and the mosquitoes and all of that wild stuff? Or did you come in in the middle of the night in the capital of New Zealand like my husband did?

You know? So, yeah, I think all of that informs our journey. We figure that the birth [00:19:00] chart talks about simply about our plan for being here. In the same way that a wine, the grapes that are made into wine, reflect the other things that are grown in the region. There are some places in the world that are great for growing grapes and others not so much.

So yeah, it talks about our vintage.

Jen: [00:19:22] Yeah, that’s beautiful. I think of it as that, that each of us have an imprint in the sky of each planet where it was on the day that in the moment that we were born, and so there are all these little imprints, energetic imprints out in the world that, you know, when, when the planets then move today, at this moment they are making connections or not, perhaps to the other imprints of where we were born.

April: [00:19:50] Oh, it’s such a good way to put it. Cause it’s sort of like a giant clock…. Which of course  I can’t picture, we’ve already established!  (laughts)

Jen: [00:19:58] Even though you were born [00:20:00] in 1961, growing up with therefore analog clock.

April: [00:20:03] Oh, I know. And have used one very recently, but I don’t know, I’m panicking from the pressure here of the attire situation! So anyway, so does that answer your question?

Jen: [00:20:14] Someday you’ll say, Oh, can you remember? I didn’t. When I didn’t know where three o’clock was… Like we’re already laughing about it.

April: [00:20:21] No, but I know how to keep time in military time, so I feel pretty good about that.

Jen: [00:20:24] That’s something, there we go.

Well, so this New Moon in Sagittarius – to bring us back then to to this – is happening at a certain degree of Sagittarius, or as all the cool astrologers say, “Sadge.” It’s happening at a certain degree of Sag. And it will line up somewhere in our chart, and depending on where it is in our chart, that’s the house that it falls in, in our personal birth chart.

April: [00:20:51] Right. So this one is at the degree of four degrees Sagittarius and three minutes. So if you figure each sign has 30 degrees, [00:21:00] this just means that the New Moon starts really close to the beginning of the sign of Sagittarius.  And so you would look for, yeah, basically where that falls in your chart. In the show notes, we’ll put a link to a blog post that I wrote that says how to find this in your chart, which I hope people will find helpful.

For instance, my chart, this falls in the first house really close to the ascendant. So it says, this is the most important New Moon for me of the year about identifying my own personal priorities, um, how I am presenting myself to the world. How I want to be seen, coping with new situations and that kind of thing. Where is it in your chart, Jen?

Jen: [00:21:40] It is in the first house.

April: [00:21:41] So see, we are taking this grand leap together into the first house territory.

So we take the general meaning of the New Moon, which is, we are sowing seeds in the dark. We put it into a sign,  which is Sagittarius, the great adventurer, and then we make it [00:22:00] more personal to each individual by putting it into a house of their chart. And  say, where is this sowing of seeds taking place for us? It’s the first house, the house of the self, of the individual self.

Jen: [00:22:12] Hm. That makes sense. Yeah, totally. Well, so moving on, and Neptune has some big news this week.

April: [00:22:21] Well, Neptune is one of these guys that’s retrograde half the time. Lots of people talk about Mercury retrograde, which we are as we record today, we are just in the tail end of – and God knows we have had a very lively Mercury retrograde season and…

Jen: [00:22:37] Yes, we have.  It’s been something else.

April: [00:22:42] So we’re used to mercury doing that cause he does that several times a year.  And he’s  retrograde fo a few weeks and moves on about his business, but the larger planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde for half the year.

So generally speaking, I don’t put a lot of emphasis [00:23:00] on whether they’re direct or retrograde unless they are changing direction. Because they have a couple of days that it’s like if you picture a gigantic animal, a huge elephant in the zoo or something, stirring from a seated position and standing up, that’s kind of the energy of one of these big planets changing direction. You really notice them. They’re the elephant in the room. So Neptune’s been retrograde for a while, about six months, and now it’s going direct on November 27th, early in the morning my time. And Neptune direct just means we get a jolt of Neptune energy, like a little earthquake for a couple of days, or since it’s Neptune more accurately, probably like a tidal wave for a couple of days.

So what is Neptune energy?

Jen: [00:23:47] Right. I was just going to ask that. Yeah. That’s my job!

April: [00:23:50] I’m anticipating here because Neptune is the planet of intuition!

Jen: [00:23:54] And let me jump in here and say on June 21st is when Neptune turned retrograde.

April: [00:23:59] Bless [00:24:00] your heart. See, this is why you are my cosmic sidekick!

Thank you. So it’s appropriate to never know the details when you’re talking about Neptune.  Because details are not Neptune’s land. That is how I’m going to choose to…

Jen: [00:24:12] Nebulous. Nebulousness.

April: [00:24:14] Neptune’s a planet of intuition, and it’s a planet about seeking reality. So it’s a planet that both symbolizes the way we fool ourselves in the illusions that we hold, and also the ways in which we’re trying to seek the greater truths.

It’s a planet of magic and of music and dance and fiction and imagination and all of that. You can really get into the Neptunian mindse if you imagine a time that you were sitting at the edge of the ocean and listening to the the waves. I always like to use the metaphor that it’s the tide coming in and tide going out, and when the tide comes in, it brings interesting [00:25:00] things from other lands, you know, license plates from far away States or messages in bottles or whatever it is. But when the tide goes out, sometimes it takes things too, and it doesn’t always take things that we wanted to let go of. So it is a planet of some sorrow. And some grief. And we did have a particularly difficult Scorpio season, and not just you and me, although I know you and I had our struggles individually. But for a lot of people, it was a really intense Scorpio season.

Jen: [00:25:33] I’ve heard that too. I was getting a massage yesterday and my massage therapist actually said, I’ve been hearing all kinds of stories from people about this,,, just, um, a lot of, what were the words she used. Violent things happening. And misfortune, I should say,happening to people. And it was [00:26:00] interesting to hear from her perspective as a massage therapist that she’d been also hearing a lot of sad stories, you know?

April: [00:26:06] Well, because she hears the stories and she experiences the stories in people’s bodies as well. You know, she’s feeling it there, she knows it’s there. Neptune is that dimension of us that sees what isn’t evident to the naked eye. You know? So Neptune going direct is a time when the tide is coming in, and just as it’s recently taken some things out, it’s going to bring new things in. New opportunities to look at the world in a slightly different way. And think of the more beautiful things you’ve ever found on the beach because it can bring beautiful things.

I just spent some time up on the central coast and the little place where we stay. It’s right across the street from the ocean. And that’s why I love to go there cause we can leave the window open all night and just be hearing the waves [00:27:00] crashing and it really is healing. I’m like, Oh, this is why people like living by the beach!  (laughs)  Because I’m in San Diego, but we’re five miles away there.

I go weeks without seeing the beach, you know? But it is something really healing. It’s primordial and it’s just that soothing sound and the reminder of life’s, I dunno. Transitions, I guess.

Jen: [00:27:24] Yeah. Well, and Neptune is in Pisces,

April: [00:27:28] which…


Jen: [00:27:28] Still!  (laughs)  Which…

April: [00:27:30] Forever!

Jen: [00:27:32] …Because Neptune moves very slowly.

April: [00:27:34] He moves very slowly. He’s in a sign for what? Um, I’m trying to think. 14 years…

Jen: [00:27:40] Long time!

April: [00:27:41] Sitting right on the fourth house cusp of my chart and saying, come live by the ocean. I’m like, bring me my money so I could live by the ocean, ’cause it ain’t happenin’!

Jen: [00:27:52] And on your fourth house, cusp means at the bottom. If you’re looking at your chart, which is a circle, it’s at the very bottom. The most private part of your [00:28:00] chart.

April: [00:28:00] Yes. The fourth house is the house of family and lineage and the, and the places that you come from, both literally and metaphorically, you know, where are you coming from? Where are deep places in you? So that’s Neptune going direct on November 27. And, and with things like this remember, it doesn’t…it’s not just something that happens on a day, but I think with these, what we call stations, when a planet is stationing to move forward or backward, either retrograde or direct,  that’s when we feel this energy is a very compelling force. And we’ll probably hear stories around the 27th about sorrow or about grief or about drinking or about drugs. All the ways that we try to anesthetize ourselves into escape from the parts of life that we find difficult to deal with. It’ll make for a very interesting Thanksgiving.

Jen: [00:28:55] Or you could choose to meditate or …

April: [00:28:58] Dance or sing [00:29:00] or do some Netflix binging. Oh, I’m so ready for the next season of The Crown! Do you watch The Crown, Jen?

Jen: [00:29:06] I do watch the crown, yes.

April: [00:29:08] Omigod, I’m so excited! Have you started the…

Jen: [00:29:10] No, I have not.

April: [00:29:11] Uh, we’d have to go back and rewatch the last episode of the last season to remember where these people were.

Jen: [00:29:18] We’ll put the crown in the show notes.

April: [00:29:20] Oh my gosh. And the Hallmark Channel. Such a guilty pleasure.

Jen: [00:29:24] Do you?

April: [00:29:25] Well, we don’t have cable anymore.

Jen: [00:29:28] We don’t have cable either.

April: [00:29:29] But my sister and I got so obsessed with those stupid Hallmark movies, and I’ve been so tempted to get one of these little add on subscriptions you can get with Amazon.

Jen: [00:29:41] You’re the second person today that’s told me they love the Hallmark channel.

April: [00:29:44] I’m telling you, it’s Neptune. It’s Neptune territory right there. It’s all fairy tales.

Jen: [00:29:50] Yeah, well, I’ve heard retrogrades described in this way. It’s sort of like when you’re on the highway and you’re about to pass a car, you’re [00:30:00] behind the car and as you catch up with the car, you’re sort of, you know, it looks like the car next to you is, is stationing – is stationary rather – and then you move forward and an actually looks, the appearance is that that car that you’ve passed is moving backwards. Of course, it’s not moving backwards, but to you in your car passing that other car, it looks like it’s moving backwards…

April: [00:30:25] Well, and what you described can be extremely disorienting. We were on a train recently, and I remember sitting at Union Station in Los Angeles waiting for a train to take off and suddenly, the train next to us was… Like, are we moving? And I was like, no, they were. But that’s, yeah. That’s what the retrograde thing is, it’s a discrepancy in your two orbits.

That’s a good description of it though. So that’s what’s happening with Neptune and that really flavors as we move into Thanksgiving day when we have…

Jen: [00:30:59] Yeah. Cause… [00:31:00] That’s right, that’s the same day, isn’t it?

April: [00:31:03] Was Thanksgiving the 27th…?

Jen: [00:31:06] I guess Thanksgiving is the 28th and Neptune’s turning direct the day before.

April: [00:31:10] Yeah. So we’ll all still be sorta getting our bearings there and trying to figure out which train is moving where!

Jen: [00:31:16] But on Thanksgiving day, at least in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving day. There are a couple of sort of friendly aspects happening, 120 degree angles, and Mercury is trining Neptune on Thanksgiving and Venus is trining Uranus on Thanksgiving. So we’ve, you know, April, you did a lovely job of just describing what Neptune means and what it represents. What does that mean when Mercury, the planet of communication is making this friendly aspect to Neptune on that day?

April: [00:31:49] The first image that came to mind is OK, we’re all getting together with our families on Thanksgiving. Not everybody sees the world in exactly the same way. But Mercury being the planet of communication says, [00:32:00] you know what? We’re just gonna roll with each other’s illusions today. You can be wrong, I can be wrong, we don’t have to agree, pass the stuffing, you know?

Jen: [00:32:11] Well, this sounds really positive.

April: [00:32:13] I think it is positive. Now, it can also mean that if there are difficult discussions that really should take place, somebody’s really out of line and they really should be called on it, it’s probably not going to happen – because the trine is an aspect of noninterference.

It says things are just going to be the way they are. We’re not going to rock the boat today, so depending on your family, whatever’s going on, it can be a positive thing, it can be a neutral thing, it can be a negative thing, but it just means that we’re not going to get into it. You know? We’re just not going to go there that day.

Everybody will know what everybody else is thinking because it’s Mercury with Neptune , and Neptune’s very intuitive, but why get into [00:33:00] it? And Venus trine Uranus would be that we get to experience maybe some surprises from our usual holiday of routines and traditions. Maybe we’ll mix things up a little bit, do things a little bit differently, and that that can be fun.

It might say that you bring some interesting friends to Thanksgiving or have Thanksgiving with friends instead of getting together with family. Just kind of depends.

Jen: [00:33:32] Or maybe you’re bringing astrology into the conversation because Uranus does rule astrology, does it not?

April: [00:33:38] It does, and I think that would be most bold of you, but of course you know your family better than I do. I mean, it’s not something I’m bringing up at my family necessarily, other than, Oh, Aunt April’s weird job, is kind of how it comes up!

So there’s Thanksgiving for us and it’s nice, you know, the moon’s in Capricorn that day, which is just, it’s [00:34:00] not a warm and cozy sign necessarily, but it is one of the family signs and it does like its traditions. So a nice mixture on that day of observing the usual traditions, mixing it up a little bit and not rocking the boat too much.

Jen: [00:34:17] Great. Thank you. I think that that sounds like it could be something to look forward to.

April: [00:34:22] Well, I always look forward to it because it’s like, you know, sausage dressing, you know? It’s really good.

Jen: [00:34:29] It is really good.

April: [00:34:31] Lots of pie. What’s your favorite pie? Do you guys do pie at Thanksgiving?

Jen: [00:34:34] I like pecan pie.

April: [00:34:35] Mm. Me too. I found the best recipe that I’ve been making the last few years.

Jen: [00:34:41] Oh, yeah. Uh, well, maybe you should move to Minneapolis.

April: [00:34:45] I know. This is going to be Jen’s refrain every time we talk when you moving to Minneapolis? And I’m like. If I came, I’d probably go to St Paul, but okay. Twin cities that’d be awesome!

Jen: [00:34:54] You’ve never been to Minneapolis, so….

April: [00:34:56] No,

Jen: [00:34:57] …you shouldn’t say that.

April: [00:34:58] I shouldn’t. I’m sure [00:35:00] it’s fabulous. It’s got you. It’s gotta be great. Mary Tyler Moore lived there on the show. It’s to be pretty happenin’.

Jen: [00:35:05] That’s right.

April: [00:35:05] One of these days, Jen, one of these days, we’ll do it.

Jen: [00:35:08] We’ve never met. We should tell people so…

April: [00:35:11]  (singing) We’ve never met, not even in spirit. Yeah. Well, we’ll remedy that one day. I’ll get up there for sure. Or drag you guys down here to San Diego.

Jen: [00:35:21] Sometime at some point, that will happen.

April: [00:35:24] Well, what do you think my dear, have we done it?

Jen: [00:35:27] I think we’ve done it our first episode.

April: [00:35:31] Yay!

Jen: [00:35:32] There it is, friends.

April: [00:35:33] An episode that will live in infamy.

Jen: [00:35:35] That’s right. So my friends, that is it for this week. Thank you so much for joining us. Please plan to catch us next week. Get the word out to your friends that the Big Sky Astrology podcast is here.

April: [00:35:50] Yes, and subscribe wherever you found us. And you can subscribe to my mailing list as well [00:36:00] so that you don’t miss a single scintillating piece of information. And if you want information on personal readings or reports or anything like that, you will find that there on the website.

Jen: [00:36:13] All right, so until next week, keep your feet on the ground…

April: [00:36:16] And your eyes in the stars!

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