Thursday Thirteen Vol. 27


13 Monday through Friday Moments

  1. Wake up at least once in the night, usually because Spike is trying to lick my face or something.
  2. Get up at un ungodly hour and make breakfast while the spouse showers. Listen to NPR while I cook and curse various outrageous news items, sometimes hurling a spatula for emphasis.
  3. Breakfast with spouse while watching the stock exchange open on Bloomberg television. I have pet names for all the announcer people (Jaws, Blinky, Aunt Betty – who happens to be a man, but looks exactly like my late aunt).
  4. Drive spouse to catch the free shuttle bus to work. He works at a university and the parking is, of course, shockingly inadequate and costly… he’d bike to the shuttle stop, but it’s like three miles and there are no bike lanes. So for now, this is the routine.
  5. Get home and hack my way through a few hours of whatever is most pressingly tardy on my desk, all the while fending off outraged overtures from Spike, who wants to play, and Bodhi, who requires petting.
  6. Have some lunch, usually while reading gossip websites.
  7. Make a trek to the post office to check the mailbox and get some fresh air.
  8. Go back home, play fetch with Spike for awhile, assure Bodhi she is beautiful.
  9. Throw in a load of laundry, and spend a few more hours wrestling with work and, usually, free-floating feelings of inadequacy, etc.
  10. Have a cup of tea about 3:00 pm. Maybe a cookie. Mmmm… cookie.
  11. Call spouse to remind him to catch the shuttle.
  12. Elbow my way through late afternoon traffic and fetch him.
  13. Haul him home and share a well-deserved glass of wine with cheese and crackers.

As you can see, it’s a madcap life, full of strenuous excitement and tooth-chattering drama. Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment…

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