Thursday Thirteen, Vol. 21

thursday thirteen

13 Things I’m Thoroughly Sick of
After A Day of Holiday Baking.

I celebrated the solstice with an epic holiday bakeoff that reminded me why I usually break up this task over a series of several days, making the dough one day, baking another, packaging another. Stupidly, today I went ahead and threw myself into a full-tilt carbohydrate extravaganza, ultimately producing: raspberry jam thumbprints; lemon bars; this amazing gingerbread with fresh, grated ginger; chocolate chip cookies; and fudge. And it only took, like, six straight hours of weighing, measuring, rolling, mincing, shredding, molding, sifting, boiling, and what have you. After which I put together a quickie dinner and then helped Jonny assemble a tiramisu for our friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow. Enough with the bloody cooking, already! Scheduled for cameo appearances in my nightmares this evening:

1. White sugar.

2. Brown sugar.

3. Flour.

4. Butter. My lord. Butter.

5. Molasses.

6. Baking soda.

7. Baking powder

8. Measuring spoons.

9. Measuring cups.

10. Mixing bowls.

11. Cookie sheets.

12. Parchment paper.

13. My once beloved Kitchen Aid mixer.

Happy solstice to all, and to all a good night.

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3 comments to " Thursday Thirteen, Vol. 21 "

  • I have not baked one thing this year. And, I love to bake.

    It all sounds divine!


  • Hey, everyone needs at least one friend who has Venus in Cancer. Ideally, they live close enough to keep you plied with baked goods and roasted chickens. Otherwise, they wish you virtual cookies from across the miles.

    Nancy, why should I be the only one who suffers? Break out those cookie sheets and get a batch of something into the oven, stat!

    Love to all, A.