The “ooh” in the “ooh la la”

We interrupt the angst and depression of the past three weeks to bring you this uplifting announcement: Venus and Mars will make a conjunction in Scorpio this Sunday, December 5, 2:13 pm PST – ish. And may I just say that this aspect promises to put the “ooh” in the “ooh la la,” so book a weekend date with your sweetie.

And oh yeah, Mercury is officially retrograde as of yesterday. But funnily enough, after a pretty hairy pre-Rx week, everything immediately calmed down once Mercury made its station. Don’t ask me, I’m just the astrologer.

It’s been pretty bloody cold here. We actually had frost the last two nights; we had to swaddle our lemon tree in blankets. I’m just making conversation here, incidentally; there are people who know all kinds of things about astrology and the weather, but I’m afraid I’m not one of them.