That buzzing sensation

The fizzy, buzzing, panicky, electromagnetic atmosphere of recent days can be chalked up to the impending Saturn/Uranus opposition (exact on November 4 – Lynn Hayes offers her usual insightful examination of this opposition beginning here). Expect an extra spark of frisson today, tomorrow (Moon in Virgo, conjoined Saturn and opposed Uranus) – those who have been paying attention since the stock market opened/tanked this morning know what I’m talking about – and October 30 and November 1 (Moon in Sagittarius, squaring the Saturn/Uranus opposition).

We’ve certainly had a weird, hectic month hereabouts. In between dealing with three vehicles going on the fritz simultaneously, monitoring our 401(k) with a wary eye, coping with the seasonal hot, dry Santa Ana winds (and fears about a recurrence of last October’s wildfires), and tackling several new major projects, I’ve been following the upcoming election with an intensity bordering on obsession. (Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s ready for all of this to be over.) Don’t expect much from me here for the next week and a half, since I suspect that accounts of my incessant blog reading, chronic insomnia, and compulsive poll watching would make for dull reading. It’s not making for a very thrilling life, either.

By the way, I’ve had a sneak preview of Jeff’s new project… and let me tell you, it is made of awesome.

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  • Chris

    Hi April,

    On the 401K thing… I’ve benefitted enormously from reading Ray Merriman’s views. He has been predicting this for quite a while. I also benefit from following Ulli Nieman’s advice
    They have both been ‘right on’ when calling the financial picture we’re seeing now.