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progressed sun
progressed sunLast summer, a woman I know underwent a couple of major life changes. Within the space of a few months, she embarked on a strict diet and exercise regiment, lost a significant amount of weight, and launched her first business.  As I stood washing dishes one evening, musing on the radical changes in this person whose life had been fairly static for decades, I had what Oprah would call an “ah ha” moment. I ran to my computer, pulled up the chart and progressions, and sure enough: just a few months before took steps to radically remake her life, her Progressed Sun had moved into take-charge Aries.

By secondary progression, the Sun moves at a rate of about one degree of the zodiac per year. Unless you were born with the Sun at the very end of a sign, it’s unlikely you’ll experience more than a few Progressed Sun sign changes in your life.  Since they’re rare, they represent profound opportunities – in this case, to reboot your life and move in a new direction.

Since the progressed Sun moves at the rate of approximately 1 degree per year, a quick and dirty way to figure out the current position of your progressed Sun is to find the degree of your natal Sun, and deduct it from 30; the resulting sum correlates to your age when the progressed Sun first changed signs. Approximately every 30 years thereafter, the Sun will enter the following sign. The progressed Sun’s exact rate varies, so while this gets you in the neighborhood, you may end up “off” by a half a year or so.

It’s easy to find the current placement of your progressed Sun online at If you’re not exactly sure how to find the progressed Sun’s exact placement, or the years when it changes signs, this video gives you a couple of easy methods. Click the “expand” icon (four arrows pointed outward) in the bottom right-hand corner to view full size:

Ultimately, the progression of my natal Leo Sun into Virgo (during my senior year in high school) marked the beginning of the Craftsman era of my life, the era of refining Leo’s creative urges. Indeed, during the pr. Sun in Virgo years I killed every hobby I had by turning each one into a job, and then picking on myself mercilessly when I didn’t do the job well enough. Ah, the Virgo years.

Since my progressed Sun entered Libra last year, I’m beginning to feel that my long, difficult apprenticeship is over. Libra, and the seventh house, represent the marketplace, the process of exchanging goods and services with others; and just as the progressed Sun entering Virgo marked a progression from creating (Leo) to refining (Virgo), the focus of my work (and to some extent, of my life) is shifting again – from the pursuit of elusive perfection to the simple joy of sharing with others what I’ve spent nearly a half century (gah!) learning.

Have you experienced the Progressed Sun moving to a new sign? What important shifts in focus and consciousness took place for you?

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  • Great post. I had a similar experience when mine changed a couple of years ago. Although I have to say now that it is 3 years into Taurus, the weight is becoming a lot harder to shift! The days of taking charge & fighting fires are easing away & more concrete goals are taking their place.

    • Jo, the shift from Aries to Taurus must be a shock to the system – like a steam train running into a brick wall at high speed!

      • Arieschikka

        More like running out of steam completely. As an aries native I was always quick to start off and quick to move. I just underwent the shift last June and I can feel my body be more slow and my mind plod as compared to before. I guess taurean energy needs lots more time and conviction to build up. I’m stumped at this change and actually very uncomfortable going from type A to tranquil. Hence came looking for information

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  • rockhiker

    Mine shifted from Gemini to Cancer in my 7th house…I’ve been more geared towards securing a “home” again, and more involved in family issues. Focusing on where I want to live out my life, put down roots, and community.

  • Pamela Archambault

    Hi April,
    My progressed Sun is in Libra also- been there for 6/7 yrs now…when it was in Virgo I had a job that required A Lot of details so it definitely helped. Now it’s in Libra I don’t even want to think of going back to that..although I think the fact it is now in the 12th house makes a big difference too because I can really feel that one.

  • My Sun progressed from Aries to Taurus over 20 years ago. It’s been so long, the only thing I can say is that I’m much more patient than I was as a child.

  • My secondary progressed Sun changed from Virgo to Libra back in August 1998. I kept anticipating I’d feel a change, but never saw one. If I look at my solar arc progressions, it changed signs back in September 1997. At that time I definitely saw a sharp change. I wrote two great stories, in a style that was highly poetic. Something certainly shifted at that time in a big way.

    • Maria, something isn’t adding up. The positions of the secondary and solar arc Sun are always exactly the same, because solar arc directions are based on the secondary progressed Sun’s movement, or “arc,” since your birth. That arc is added to every natal planet to derive the solar arc placements. We should put our heads together by email, because we were also coming up with different dates from your progressions on another comment thread…

  • M

    I can’t wait until mine changes to Aquarius in 2013. I’m a Sag who has been stuck with a progressed Cap sun (burdened by work) for so long. I’ll enjoy the Aqua energy so much more, as my natal rising, Moon & Mars are there. I will finally be me!

    • “M,” that’s kind of how I feel about the pr. Sun in Libra. I mean, I could relate to pr. Sun in Virgo – I’ve got two planets and the Midheaven in that sign, and I actually really love Virgo. But the “self perfection” motif started to wear on me! Signs adjacent to each other are just *so* different that it’s very noticeable when progressed planets, especially the Sun, shift from one to the other. Enjoy Aquarius!

  • Kent,

    You’ve got mail!



  • Kelly

    It’s one of my favourite predictive tools to use!! When mine shifted from Pisces to Aries, I learned how to say no, and finally got some direction. Right now I’m trying to learn patience as the Prog Moon takes its time in Taurus. Great post April.

  • amandria

    My progressed sun went from pisces to aries a few years ago, still in 12th. The biggest change has been people say I much meaner, they miss the old me. I was so much more patient and had rose colored glasses on.

    • Amandria, I always warn people against underestimating Pisces people and assuming they will be endlessly gentle and forgiving – because eventually, that Pisces Sun progressed into Aries! 😀

      • karen

        Hey, my progressed Pisces sun is 29 this year. by April it will move into Aries….last year in oct a 2 year relationship with a married man ended. he never got the divorce…f……..I was devistated…

      • Viv

        I know it’s an old thread but i had to reply because I just discovered progression in astrology and your comment really resonated with me.

        My mom is a Pisces but my whole life she did not behave like one and I never understood why that might be. Until now; i took a look at her progressed chart and all through my childhood her sun was in Aries! ..and that is how I experienced her as a mother. Now her Sun have been in Taurus for a while and that fits her behavior too.
        I am lately coming to terms with loads of childhood wounds and so this information was immensly hepful.

        The funny thing is, I am a natal Capricorn with Taurus rising but it feels like we traded personalities with my Mother.
        I got my progressed Sun in Pisces, progressed Moon in Scorpio and progressed Rising in Cancer. She has many progressed planets in earth signs now. We may get some insight in eachother’s past behavior.

  • Jessica

    my progressed sun is in Leo just moving into the 8th house conjunct Uranus in the 7th. Would this sparkly conjunction now be expressed in the 8th house? What to expect? thanks for your insight.

  • Liv

    Hi April,
    great post… I decided to be a singer when my sun moved to Leo. I also craved for creativity and got rid of my family myths to admire hard rock and heavy metal “art”. I can’t say that it was only a “teenage” matter because at the same time my Pr Mars stepped inside the 1st house (was and is conjunct my ASC and Mars/Pluto midpoint).

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  • Stephen Lewis

    Hi April, our experience is remarkably similar. Like you, I’m also a Leo; unlike you, however, I was born in the late degrees of Leo, the 29th degree to be precise. Had I been born a scant ten hours later, I’d probably have been a Virgo. Gasp.

    Anyway, my progressed Sun entered the Craftsman phase when I was 1 so I didn’t have the chance to ruin all my hobbies by getting jobs at them haha. I did however maximize my Craftsman/Virgo phase and six years ago my progressed Sun also entered Libra, the sign of exchange, increased social awareness and commerce. I am not complaining about that! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for this interesting article. It was informative and fun.

  • Miss m

    My progressed sun entered pisces. I was always already very sensitive-moon, mars, neptune and jupiter all in 12th- but now more so. Now listen to classical music, want silence, very disturbed by television and always asking if people wouldn’t mind lowering the volume. Find picsean type joys in rescueing insects out of the swimming pool and taking baths in salt water. I’m enjoying the softness. My close friend’s progressed sun is in aries with progressed pluto in the first and suddenly I have great difficulty being around her. Everything feels so loud, dramatic and intense. We are in very different worlds right now and it’s like it happened over night! I escape to my peaceful cave of silence. Feeling blissful!

    • Miss m

      Progressed Mercury in Pisces too.

    • Lovelife

      Progressed Sun just entered Aquarius literally on the 23rd of April 2014.

      I loved the Capricorn energy; kept me out of a lot of drama. Loved the “no nonsense” approach and extremely serious demeanor. Loved the dry humour and sarcastic quips. Capricorn is fun-don’t know what everybody is on about.

      My natal Sun in Sagittarius was on the 29th Degree, so I think I hit the ground running with Capricorn energy. My mother has always said that I was such a serious child. She thought I was a Capricorn Sun(born on the 21st Of December 1983).

      I wonder what Aquarius will bring? A certain “lightness”? Maybe a “devil may care” attitude? Eh I don’t know. I do hope that I get to accomplish a lot more. I feel like I’m not where I should be yet and am always wondering what it is that is taking so long?

      Progressed Asc also recently entered Gemini recently and Progressed Moon is in Virgo(entered on the 28th of Feb 2014). All this intellectual energy should carve out something interesting.! We’ll see though.

  • adriana

    Mine has been a tragic life of loss, deprivation, poverty and homelessness. This year, my progressed sun is at 29 degrees Taurus. and I do not know what to expect. My natal sun is at 29 degrees Pisces. The sole bright spot was the two years that my progressed sun was conjunct my natal Mars/Venus/part of fortune conjunction at 0 degrees/1 degrees Taurus. During that time. the man I am meant to be with was born. I met him 22 years later when his progressed sun was conjunct his natal Mars by degree and my progressed Mars was conjunct his natal Mars by degree. His natal sun is conjunct my natal Jupiter by degree and his natal Mars is conjunct my natal moon, within a two degree orb. This coming year, his progressed Venus will be conjunct my natal Mars/Venus conjunction by degree. I wonder if he will ever show any interest in me despite a 32-yr age difference. He does not know I am interested in him. His Saturn return will happen this year. My feelings toward him survived my Saturn return! p.s. I have been rescuing insects ever since transiting Saturn crossed my ascendant 50 years ago.

  • Maria Louise

    My Progressed Sun is in 29º42′ Libra. Yup, I’m changing into Scorpio. My moon is already in scorpio. It’s funny because althought I am going trough a lot of personal changes – like knowing how to stand for what I want, having a job ang beeing more assertive – I notice it by realizing that now I love the colour red. Ahahha I used to hate it. I used to adore the soft pinks, than I grew very found of the electrical pink and now I love red 🙂

    I´m new to astrology but I decided to share this. I found it funny how we can see changes in little things 🙂

  • Lucy

    So interesting to read all this – just discovered I’m a week away from my prog sun moving from capricorn to aquarius! I’m a 34 yr old Sag sun – and for years have lived by a code of budgets, to do lists, career-as-identity workaholism and self-denial. My aim at 18 was to be ‘taken more seriously’ and my version of rebellion was leaving my career to undertake training in another diligent profession… Now it figures!

  • marswoman

    WOW..found this page by googling “progressed sun.”
    Discovered my Progressed Sun in Taurus conjuncted North Node, in 1998 when I took the fearless leap to becoming self employed. Right on!

  • Felicia a

    I really like astrology and I just noticed that my progressed sun changed from Sagittarius to capricorn. It is at 0 degrees 4′ 14. I’m not sure of those two last numbers and what they mean. My life changed dramatically 2 years ago, when I resigned my job as a school counselor to begin a business from home. It’ll be 3 years in April of this year. Our business has grown slowly but very successfully. We have been thinking about expanding to our own business center as soon as we can. I really like the work that is involved in this business. It’s enjoyable to me and to our team. My progressed sun changed signs but continues to be in my fifth house since I was born and it continues to trine my sun. My progressed saturn is in the 6th house with uranus conjunct ascendant and pluto will also be conjuncting my ascendant in several years. Jupiter is in my seventh house. I hope that the next 30 years are wonderful and Fun!

  • Felicia a

    Correction on sun trines my ascendant. My uranus and pluto are in the first house.

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