The Moon and Your Business: Customers from Hell

moon-nightmare-clientsAs I described in my previous post, the Moon in your chart symbolizes your ideal customer, but it also represents your customer—or relationship, or job — from hell!

Most of us acknowledge that on some level we attract people who are working on issues similar to our own. We acknowledge that our partners and clients have a tendency to hurt us in the way we expect to be hurt, and to generally push our buttons.

To some extent, we could say that difficult clients are just your chart’s way of trying to express what you’ve not been acknowledging consciously. It’s almost impossible to be objective about what your own Moon is trying to tell you until you see it played out by someone else. So if you’ve got the Moon in difficult aspect to some planet or other – well, you’ll have some issues, and you’ll magnetize “helpful” people who will do some Nightmare Client Kabuki Theater for you!

It’s almost impossible to be objective about what your own Moon is trying to tell you until you see it played out by someone else.

The solution to avoiding these awful people seems simple: get past the issue they’re performing for you, and they’ll get off the stage. One way to do that is to simply grit your teeth, tell them off, and then develop some armor that lets you deflect future awful people. But then you’re covered with armor. And that makes you less flexible, and less available for the good clients as well.

Turning Nightmares into Dreams

So I think that the obvious answer is not to protect yourself from the bad clients, per se – other than common sense stuff about personal safety and not getting burned by bounced checks or whatever – but to take their appearance as an opportunity to consciously review your Moon issues. If the Moon represents your Ideal Customer, then that customer will reflect the difficult aspects to your Moon as well as the easy ones. And if you consciously cultivate a positive reaction to your own difficult lunar aspects, your clients will reflect that.

  1. Think about your most recent nightmare client. How did he or she make you feel? How did the interaction make you feel about yourself and the work that you do?
  2. Can you associate any of your nightmare client’s characteristics with one or more of the Moon’s aspects in your birth chart? Hint: Look to the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions from the Moon to other planets!

Now, see if you can come up with a more positive expression for each lunar aspect in your chart. For example, if you have the Moon square Saturn and your nightmare clients are harsh and withholding, imagine yourself expressing this aspect in a positive way – by cultivating good emotional and interpersonal boundaries, exerting discipline over your emotions, not giving in to emotionalism. Basically, pretend the Moon is in easy aspect to that planet. These are exactly the right tactics to use in dealing with your nightmare clients – and will eventually help you stop attracting them altogether!

  • Moon in aspect to the Sun – Comfortable with self, socially at ease, balanced personality (easy aspect);  inner conflict between security/comfort and putting oneself “out there”, interpersonal conflicts (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Mercury – Very bright, ability to verbalize feelings, intuitive (easy aspect); may be overly talkative, oversensitive to language, or have trouble expressing self openly (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Venus – Easy to get along with, fair, ethical, attractive (easy aspect); moody, self-indulgent, indecisive (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Mars – Energetic, courageous, decisive, direct (easy aspect); aggressive, impulsive, argumentative, volatile (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Jupiter – Generous, optimistic, warm, adventurous (easy aspect); poor judgment, overindulgence, exaggeration (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Saturn – Hard working, disciplined, responsible, authoritative, emotional boundaries(easy aspect); depressed, pessimistic, emotionally withholding, critical (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Uranus –  Independent, original, spontaneous (easy aspect); disruptive, restless, unreliable (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Neptune – Kind, intuitive, gentle, imaginative, artistic (easy aspect); impractical, escapist, unrealistic, deluded (difficult aspect).
  • Moon in aspect to Pluto – Emotionally fearless, willing to face unpleasantness, able to transcend base emotions (easy aspect); jealous, secretive, manipulative, vengeful (difficult aspect).


It can seem impossible to visualize the customers who will respond best to your message, services, or products, let alone the ones who feel like people you’d want to have as friends. Luckily, everything you need to know about finding the customers who are right for you—and avoiding the ones who aren’t—can be found in your own birth chart. Just look to the Moon!

© 2011/2013 April Elliott Kent hr

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  • This is something I find very challenging – understanding the type of people who will resonate with the articles I write and the kind of readings I give. Your insights here are interesting. We really do attract others who are reflections of our own inner lessons and challenges. Thanks for another great post.

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