Mars transits: 3 ways to botch them

Transiting Mars moved into my first house a few days ago and I’ve been reminded  – as I am every two and a half years – of a few things. First of all, important Mars transits – such as Mars moving into the first or tenth houses, or conjunct its position in your birth chart – can be incredibly energizing. The enthusiasm and determination are flowing freely, if not in any particular direction. That’s the great part; if you were a wind-up toy, this would be the part of the Mars cycle when, after having been wound up as tightly as possible, you’re let loose to fly across the room.

That’s the good part of a Mars transit, and it’s great stuff, no question. If you’ve spent a little time laying the groundwork for a few things that really need a burst of energy to get you moving toward them, a Mars transit can give you a much-needed boost.

But if you’re the least bit conflicted; if your energies are splintered in too many directions; if you have a hard time with feelings of competition and with open conflict – here are three potential Mars hurdles to look out for:

  1. Losing your temper over stupid stuff. I’m doing pretty well with this one so far. Right on schedule, a couple of annoying emails showed up in my inbox, and while my temper flared up immediately I managed not to respond. Yay, me! However, I’ve got a couple of months left of this transit so I’m not going to pop open the champagne prematurely.
  2. Hurting yourself. On Saturday night I put together a tasty Chex mix to serve for a Halloween gathering. I melted lots of gooey butter and oil together in a saucepan and added sundry delicious ingredients, then turned to compile all the munchy stuff in a big bowl. When I turned around and grabbed the pan to add the gooey-ness to the munchiness, I … forgot about the blazing hot handle.  The hot metal searing into the flesh of my fingers reminded me in a jiff, but by then I was halfway between the counter and the stove; I had no choice but to drop the pan. Full of, you’ll recall, butter and oil. All over my freshly washed kitchen floor.  While I held my hand under cold water my darling husband employed an entire roll of paper towels, a mop, and hot sudsy water to clean up the mess. After a big gob of aloe vera and a good night’s sleep, my fingers are better too. But man, that hurt.
  3. Hating yourself. Mars awakens your competitive spirit, and some people aren’t at their best when competing. I”m one of them. Mind you, I’m not in a competition with anyone in particular; it’s more a feeling that I’m competing with everyone in general, and that I’m losing every single race. Most of all, of course, I’m competing with my own ambitions, which means I can’t even win against myself. This is entirely irrational, and a drag.

Conclusion: There you have it: three ways to squander a perfectly good Mars transit. This can be one of the most powerful and energetic moments in a 2.5 year period, when your energy and drive are at their peak. But to make the most of it, remember to curb your temper, wear oven mitts (also, drive carefully and practice good knife techniques in the kitchen), and take it easy on yourself if you don’t win the Pulizer Prize within the first week of the transit.

Are you having a big, shouty Mars transit of your own at the moment?

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  • Yikes on burning the fingers!

  • Yep – doing stuff without thinking a big deal with Mars 😉 Thanks for the cool post!

  • “…it’s more a feeling that I’m competing with everyone in general, and that I’m losing every single race. Most of all, of course, I’m competing with my own ambitions, which means I can’t even win against myself.”

    A, You basically summarized my current Pluto to Mars-Pluto transit, and it isn’t pretty. I’m not normally competitive, but I’m losing so many self-races lately that if there were a mars marathon I’d be signed up for fifty of them. And of course, because you can’t win fifty races in one body- losing all.

  • Michele

    I have been feeling like traveling by car a lot. I have a new one and I can’t seem to stay out of it! But on the more energy level, I seem to be a bit depressed physically and even a little emotionally as of late…not sure why. But I do feel that burst of energy with driving!

    • Ooooo Michele – new car! I’m really itching for one… And you know, the depression thing was a bit what I was getting at (albeit obliquely) with the “hating yourself” part of the post. When Mars doesn’t have an outlet for a clean getaway, it starts backing up and attacking you. I suppose more exercise is the obvious solution. In any event, enjoy your new ride, and drive safely!

  • I sort of *am* one big shouty Mars transit — probably because Mars is rising in my chart. That said, the whole transit through my 1st (which just ended) was one big excursion into I HATE EVERYBODYland.

    Anyway, I’m so sorry you burned your hand. EEK!

    • Maria, I don’t even have Mars rising and I reside full time in I HATE (almost)EVERYBODYland! Thanks re: the burn… I was distracted by a Bill Maher rerun in the background at the time, and I believe I had just been screaming at the TV a minute or so before my calamity. Naturally.

  • christal

    christalng a Mars in Scorpio 1st house transit. I am having success getting a book published but I won’t back down about unconventional plans for the future (traveling and doing farm work.) So I feel like I am coming off headstrong or combative but at the same time there no way anyone’s getting me back into a boring liberal arts classroom. I think its working. The more I state my needs, the more compatible offers I get for informal educational fellowships, farm internships, etc were I can do what I want. Plus I have venus conjunct Saturn in 1st house Scorpio so no one can really mess with me generally (accept myself, who is the hardest to please.) Overall, as a Libra, I find this transit stabilizing and helping my confidence. Once Mars hits saturn later in the month hopefully, I will still have allies.

  • Sabina

    Round about December TR Mars will meet up with TR Pluto cj my Mars/NN (4); meanwhile, TR Saturn and TR Venus will be cj my Saturn/Venus (2) (which opp my Moon 8 and sextile my Mars/NN). Someone up there must be laughing!

  • My Mars is in Libra (in the 8th with my Pluto/Uranus/Sun). I’m going to have a very looooooooong energizer bunny moment. 🙂

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