Leaving – but first…

leavingFirst things first. My friend Robert McDowell has just released his new book Poetry as Spiritual Practice. I don’t know much about poetry, and what I do know, I mostly don’t like; but Robert’s a wonderful soul and a soulful writer who has made a believer out of even a poetry curmudgeon like me – so join me in celebrating his achievement. And if you buy a copy of his book online from Amazon or B&N, you can participate in his special promotion and gain access to fab bonus gifts from participating partners such as moi-self. More here.

Secondly. Lisa Finander, the fine soul who, as an acquisitions editor, helped me midwife my book and get it to the publisher, has launched her new website. If you’re struggling with a writing project and looking for an enthusiastic coach to help you bring it all together, Lisa’s your gal.

And finally, yes: I’m finally leaving for vacation. But naturally enough (because yes, the upcoming eclipse falls in my 9th house – quel delight!), the road to good intentions has been paved with hell. Getting ready to go on vacation is always so ghastly that it makes one doubt the veracity of the entire premise. Irony alert: Nervous traveler that I am, I chose Qantas for our flight because of their excellent safety record. And of course on Friday… this happened. And today, this. Thanks, guys. Helpful. (As if I weren’t nervous enough about that transiting Uranus opposition to my natal Mars.)

But you’ll never hear an unkind word from me about the Passport Office.

Last week I realized that my passport – which would not actually expire until two weeks after we’re due to return from our trip – needed to be recharged, since New Zealand (and most countries, apparently; who knew?) insisted I have at least three months left on my passport after my intended date of return. My nerves already on edge about this trip (did I mention that I really hate to fly?), this put me into a tailspin. A couple of hours later I determined that I could in fact trek to the regional passport office in Los Angeles and do the renewal in person, and actually be able to make this trip.

So off we schlepped to LA the following day, and everything at the passport office went amazingly well. The lovely little Lisa Loopner look-alike who processed my application looked at my departure date, then at my San Diego address, and then at me. “Well, I want to get this processed for you today.” And bless her, she did: by 1:20, after killing several hours in Westwood, I picked up my fresh new passport.

In any event, tomorrow is given over to packing and last minute madness, and on Wednesday we finally leave. So tonight the auto responders go on my emails, and the next time y’all hear from me I’ll probably be writing with a New Zealand accent. Send good energy and safe wishes my way! And if you should find yourself in Auckland on August 3 (a lecture) or 10 (a workshop), you can catch up with me through these nice folks.

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  • Bon voyage, April! And may your trip be pleasant beyond your wildest dreams. Hope you and Jonny have a great time.

  • P.S. happy Birthday in advance!

  • Wanita

    Hi April,
    Its 14 aug 2008. I Hope that you are loving NZ. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk on Sunday night and your workshop about setting wedding dates. It was awesome. You kept me intrigued for 5 hours wow!… thanks. Send Johnny my regards and if I can help or give advise while your here in NZ, let me know…..W

  • Thanks, Wanita! I completely enjoyed meeting you and everyone that attended the lecture and workshop in Auckland. And I’m glad that we got to spend some time in that lovely city this time around; when we visited in NZ in 1998 we spent only a few hours there. It reminds me very much of my own San Diego, and I felt at home there… especially amongst such friendly astrologers!

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