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star guide to weddings
There’s more I could say about this – how it came on the heels of a long, Saturn/Midheaven siege of profound self-doubt, and just one day after an exhilarating epiphany (as tr. Venus and Pluto aspected my natal Venus) about personal worth and validation – but for now, here’s a really lovely blog post and book review of Star Guide to Weddings from the kind and generous Molly Hall of

If you’ve followed April Elliott Kent’s Big Sky Astrology, you know she’s got a unique times funny or poignant, always genuine. Her writing is widely admired because it’s artful, but also warm, like a funny wise friend.

It’s why she can write a book called Star Guide to Weddings: Your Horoscope for Living Happily Ever After that’s more than a sweet treat for the bridesmaid to giggle over. She creates a portrait of each marriage by Sun sign — from the color of the decor and flowers to what’s “born” there at the altar. It makes a great gift for anyone with marriage on their minds.

April’s book looks at the Sun sign for the basic nature of the marriage, things like its style, purpose, needs and sources of friction. She writes, “In astrological symbolism, the Sun represents the core of a thing, the point in a psyche or society or a marriage around which everything revolves.” And since everybody knows the Zodiac, this is a book that everyone can enjoy.

Thanks, Molly.

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