Jupiter 1, Saturn 0.

It’s a function of my striving, discontented, and cantankerous disposition that I generally ignore pleasant transiting aspects to my chart (and for that matter – and to their disappointment – my clients’ charts). I tend to focus on what’s uncomfortable, on whatever isn’t working; basically, if it’s not a conjunction, a square, or on opposition involving a fairly nasty outer planet, I can’t be bothered.

Which is why quiet moments of peace, contentment, and happiness tend to take me by surprise. Take this week, for example. As I wrote to an astrologer friend the other day, “I know this Full Moon was supposed to suck, but I’ve been loving it – so happy! so productive!” Because I’ve been up to my elbows in website work for a couple of months and for the most part ignoring astrology, I had completely failed to notice Jupiter moving into the last degrees of Capricorn, closing in on my natal Saturn at 25 degrees. And that’s the transit that tells the whole story, really.

I tend to regard Jupiter transits as brief but delicious bursts of blessings. I enjoy them, as I would a bon-bon, but I don’t get too invested in them; they’re over too quickly, and the good vibes don’t tend to last. To my mind, Jupiter transits can’t compare to juicy, main-course fare like Pluto transits that unfold at an agonizing pace, giving you plenty of time to marinate in the horror. Rather, Jupiter’s transits are like love letters traced in the sand just before a wave comes in and washes them away – enjoy them while you can, because they disappear a lot more quickly than you’d like.

I feel a bit ripped off, having been born with Saturn conjunct Jupiter. The two are forever locked in a epic battle for supremacy over my temperament, and since Saturn is very strong in my chart I rarely get to a chance to sample Jupiter’s delights without Saturn standing over my shoulder tsk-tsking. But right now – however temporarily – Jupiter has the edge, and I’m enjoying this transit, I really am. I’m working a lot, but I’m enjoying the work. These days, in fact, I feel blessed to have the work. My Saturnine baggage feels lighter, like when I was a kid and there were still grownups around to carry some of that load for me. I feel, on some peculiar level… healed.

In another corner of my chart my Pluto/Venus transit is just beginning in earnest, so I may be singing a different tune in the coming year. But for now I’ll accept my little pre-solstice Jupiter gift with thanks, and Pluto will just have to wait his turn.

Count your blessings, and share ’em in comments!

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  • Beautiful! I enjoyed the read. I tend to focus on the macabre as well.

  • Sounds so lovely. Is it the Saturn on my MC that makes me so negative? Ahhhh….

  • Ah, the mystery of April reveals! No wonder why we trust your keen eagle-eyed wisdom…

    My mentor also has that same Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. In him I enjoy a rare blend of practical wisdom. Optimism tempered with grounded realism – (the language of this post carries this signature ;), along with a remarkable level of sensitivity toward the boundaries, security & safety of others are several other fine qualities I’d give you folks.

  • Some 20 years ago I had long-distance fling with this guy who had Sun square Jupiter exactly where I have Sun square Saturn. What a delicious, irresponsible joy it was whenever I got together with him! It could never have lasted, but if people are permanent transits, that was a helluva transit. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Oh thank you for acknowledging ole Jupiter at this Jupiterian time of year! I just passed through a blissfully extended Jupiter period as it pleasantly trined and sextiled my Moon, Venus and Neptune this summer and fall. Lucky me. Nothing spectacular – just a great hum, ease and wonderful sense of well-being, when I truly whistled while I worked. And now…I can feel Pluto bearing down on me, my sun at 1 degree Aries. Funny I should stumble upon the book, “Acedia and me” by Kathleen Norris at a book sale? I think not – Pluto – the old salty dog. She leads me to learning about a deeper form of depression as described by the old desert monks!! So I thank Jupiter for the pleasantness while it lasted – I will need the good memories as I stare down into the abyss!

  • Hi April – I particularly enjoyed your segment: My Saturnine baggage feels lighter, like when I was a kid and there were still grownups around to carry some of that load for me. I feel, on some peculiar level… healed.

    Desribes Jupiter’s release so well, as well as his jolly sense of ease and protection. Cheers and enjoy the season with a nice balance of work and play!

  • Jupiter only ever brings me anything concretely awesome when I have a simultaneous Saturn transit. When it crossed my ASC, though, I did physically feel really good. I’d been struggling with a shoulder injury before that.

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