Join me and SDAS for a fun-filled night of … marketing.

Join me and the San Diego Astrological Society on Friday, November 12, at 7:30 p.m. as I present a lecture on “Using Your Birth Chart to Market Yourself: How astrology can help you do what you’re good at for people you like.”

To the typical astrologer, marketing sounds off-putting—too calculated, too crassly commercial. But guess what: The minute you apply for a job, ask for a date, or yes, try to get someone to pay attention to your astrological products and services, you’re in the marketing business. How can you find the people who are in tune with what you have to offer? First, you have to understand something that every Leo already knows (just ask them): what it is that makes you uniquely awesome!

Most of us don’t have formal training in marketing, but we do have a secret weapon: we know astrology. Sure, you can use that knowledge to help you choose good times to take action and to gain insight into important individuals. But why stop there? Astrology can help you get a handle on the core principles of marketing itself— to figure out what you have to offer that’s really special, and how to attract people who are in tune with you.

By combining dead-simple marketing principles with the symbolism of your birth chart, you’ll learn:

  • How the Sun in your chart defines your “personal brand.”
  • How your Moon describes your ideal customer, how to turn nightmare clients into dreams.
  • What your Midheaven says about the reputation that precedes you, and how to turn negative perceptions into positive ones;
  • How to use the strengths of your Ascendant to “advertise” yourself.
Deets at their website!

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  • Boy, I really wish someone would make a video of this (since San Diego is quite a commute for me).

    Is this going to be your next book?

    • Susie, if anyone tries to make a video of me I’ll break their legs. I’m gonna do an audio recording though, so if you remind me I’ll send it to you. (And no, the new book is an all-purpose basic astrology book, a la “Astrology for Dummies” but without the insulting title.)

  • Hi, I am in Tennessee and would like to get a recording of your lecture as well, as that is a bit of a commute for me as well!
    Thank you

  • Regina

    Hello April!
    I wish I had been able to get out to the West coast for this! Your talk is exactly the kind of infor I’m looking for right now to help market my new business. Do you think you might make this available to purchase on a CD or as a download? That would be awesome!

    • Thanks for your feedback, all! The lecture was a lot of fun and was well received. Seems lots of people can relate to the need for self-promotion in an era when more and more of us are working for ourselves – whether out of desire or necessity. Anyway, I’m putting together a little package with the mp3 file and the mini-workbook I developed to go along with it and will have it for sale on my site soon, probably for about $12. Watch this space, as they say!

  • Brenda

    Hi April – would like to turn your readers onto a person who presented a 1 day workshop for “holistic practitioners” of all kinds and who has a website: His work is really refreshing when it comes to marketing and very creative. Think many astrologers would enjoy this contact.

    Am in the process of trying to consolidate what i do. I like your approach in terms of using the wisdom of one’s own chart. For instance, presently realize the role i can play in terms of this dance of the t-square over the next 5 years – the open space is in cancer and it just makes sense that there is much more talk/action/etc. re: the “divine feminine” expressed in the world, especially tying it into the economy and pluto in capricorn – as the evolving source of “real wealth” and as a sun in cancer, at the midheaven, that i should be putting these ideas out there – which is what i am doing. There’s much more to it, but these are times when astrologers are really called to actively engage more. bles, Brenda

  • Leisa

    Also chiming in on wanting to hear a recording of this talk! How might that be possible? Thanks!

  • M

    Me too – it sounds interesting!

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