Highlights for April 29 – May 5, 2019

Passing the Torch

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When Jonny and I first moved to San Diego, we rented a house about 100 feet from a tiny, modest Mexican restaurant called Ponce’s. Since 1969, Ponce Meza Sr. had built a solid neighborhood business, serving excellent food at a good price, and it gradually became our second home. When Ponce retired in 2000, more than a full Saturn cycle after founding his restaurant, his children took over the family business; and although we’d watched Ponce Jr. and Rocio grow up, we were a little nervous. But we needn’t have been, because they’ve transformed our favorite restaurant into a powerhouse, first expanding the original restaurant (including a full bar), then opening a sister restaurant in Portland, and last year opening a second location of Ponce’s. And they’ve done it all without sacrificing the quality of their signature enchiladas.

In astrology, the day-to-day operation of a business falls under the purview of Mercury, the merchant. But when we’re talking about a dynasty – such as a family business that extends across generations – we are definitely talking about Saturn, because that’s a planet that’s in it for the long haul. Saturn moving through Capricorn, as it has been for the past year, generally emphasizes individual achievement; but this week, Saturn turns retrograde (April 29, 5:54 pm PDT) and conjoins the Moon’s South Node (April 30, 1:22 pm PDT) at 21 Capricorn, on the Sabian Symbol A relay race. Capricorn is a sign of great ambition, and Saturn in this sign often points to accomplishing things on an individual level. There’s no question that some individuals do accomplish astonishing things in a single lifetime. But to build something that lives on after the founder is a lot trickier. It means being willing to pass the baton to someone who shares your values and vision, and being fortunate enough to have someone to pass it to.

This week, think about what you’re holding on to that would better be passed on to another runner. Sometimes, we run out of energy or ideas to take something to the next step; sometimes, we just run out of time. But if you’ve had a hand in building something worthwhile, something you love, you owe it to that thing to pass it on to someone who can give it their all.

Speaking of Mercury, there are plenty of balls to juggle this week in area of day-to-day work, too. Mercury is fast-moving, impatient, and brash in Aries, and that doesn’t always endear us to authorities (as it squares Saturn on May 1, 1:50 am PDT) and those in power (square Pluto on May 2, 2:49 pm PDT). With Mercury trine Jupiter (May 2, 8:59 pm PDT), your ideas may be very good, but that won’t matter if you’re antagonizing the very people who are in a position to help you bring them to life. Instead, let Saturn and Pluto help you temper your impatience and curb your sassier impulses.

Nice try, Venus

Last week we left our car to be serviced, and the dealership very cannily loaned us a spiffy new car for the day. We love our little car, and it’s fully paid for; but it is getting on in years and lacks some of the newest, flashiest features, all of which the new car had in spades. The last thing we want is a car payment, yet it was all we could do to pry our hands off that flashy automobile at the end of the day.

The New Moon at 14.11 Taurus (May 4, 3:46 pm PDT) makes good aspects to the rest of the sky… but its ruling planet, Venus – goddess of money and irresistible objects – is square Saturn and Pluto. So on the face of it, things are fine and running smoothly. But under the surface, there is a bubbling, roiling tension. Venus in Aries is impulsive, and it wants what it wants when it wants it; it’s currently sextile Mars in Gemini, so it’s basically being egged on by Mars to do crazy things like buy a new car when the current one is running fine and paid for. But fortunately (if frustratingly), Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are urging restraint and making do with what we’ve got. So Pepé the Wonder Mazda – with its fresh oil and rotated tires – will ferry us on our upcoming road trip to Arizona and New Mexico. And our savings account will stay in good shape a little while longer. Nice try, though, Venus.

Stepping out onto the ice

As long as you don’t let Venus carry you away, this is a week when even the smallest step in the direction of a cherished wish will be rewarded (if only in personal satisfaction), as Mars opposes Jupiter (May 5, 2:57 pm PDT). Start with a single step toward something you’ve long wanted to do, and expect to feel nervous. Mars makes the opposition on the Sabian Symbol degree, Children skating on ice, opposed to Jupiter on A bluebird standing at the door of the house.  Even if you’re excited about trying something new – and even if the bluebird of happiness promises great things – the first step out onto an icy pond is both exhilarating and scary. Will you fall through some weak ice? Will you land on your butt? There are no guarantees… but when Jupiter is involved, that’s exactly what’s so exciting! The outcome is less important than the thrill of trying something new, something you’re not entirely sure will succeed.

©2019  April Elliott Kent

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  • Gabrielle

    Brilliant, oh so true and very comforting writing as usual April, and naturally divinely inspired, many thanks.


      Eerily right on the mark (or the money) so to speak! Perhaps it is because my chart is governed by Mercury and my mother’s was by Saturn: I have learned that, together, those two planets can do great things! Thank you, April, for sending this missive of synchronicity. I am literally considering the opportunity to sell the family home and property to my ex-husband, the father of our two sons (now ages 28 and 25). . .My current husband has helped me maintain ownership (for the sake of the family goal of keeping it ) through our marriage and living here the last couple years. Passing the baton is exactly what is being offered by the universe. The astrological validation comes the week it is needed.

  • Rhea

    You are wonderful one of the few or only astrologers that don’t feel obligated to show us where we are lacking and how we can improve to conform to man made ideals.
    Thank you so much

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