Full Moon in Aquarius: Born Free

A friend sent me a stunning photograph from her boyfriend’s summertime expedition in the northernmost reaches of the Pacific—floating on a ship amidst a sea of ice floes “as thick as I am tall,” he wrote, for endless summer days that never turn into night that far north.

Viewing it from San Diego, where delayed summer has given way to warm, sticky, exhaustion, I found it a singularly restful image. In North American August, nothing feels quite as good as an air-conditioned room, tastes as delicious as an icy drink, or looks as inviting as a polar landscape.

It’s the season of the Lion, the sweltering, prideful season of those who look good in a bathing suit…and the rest of us. Leo won’t tell you this, and probably won’t admit it if you ask, but we’re an insecure bunch, forever seeking our true selves in the approving eyes of others. That insecurity either comes from, or perhaps motivates our creative drive; it’s probably a bit of both. The need to express yourself and to offer up your thoughts and feelings for the judgment of an audience can make you feel as jumpy as the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof.

Trust me. I’m a Leo who writes for a living.

It helps to have some Aquarius planets in your chart, or Aquarius relatives and friends, or even a summer Full Moon in Aquarius to rescue you from the tiring quest for the spotlight. Aquarius trusts humanity and leads us effortlessly, like a confident dance instructor, into happy communion with others. Traditionally ruled by Saturn, our cool and contained Aquarian selves are blessed with strong interpersonal boundaries that allow us to immerse ourselves in the human experience, comfortable in the knowledge that, should the walls start closing in, we can simply chip off our own floe and drift out to sea.

My birth chart boasts scads of planets in Leo, but also the saving grace of Jupiter in Aquarius. Leo wins, but Aquarius at least gets its say. In recent history, I was happiest and most content when my progressed Moon was in Aquarius, because I wasn’t so self-conscious and needy. I enjoyed being around people, because I was less afraid of them. In keeping with the timeless wisdom of opposites, I found that living more like an Aquarius gives me the freedom to be a fuller, freer, and more creative Leo.

So here are some Aquarius lessons that I’m reflecting upon at this Full Moon. Mind you, I’m not saying with authority that any of what follows is true; it’s just what my Jupiter in Aquarius tells me is true. It’s probably, as much as anything, what I wish to be true.

  • What you do is not who you are. And while it’s important to understand how you got here, don’t let yesterday’s actions define you. Look forward!
  • No one else gets to tell you who to be. Not your mother, your father, your teachers, your boss, your best friend, or the person who shares your bed.
  • Freedom is paramount. Do your very best to design a life that allows you to walk away from manipulation, power struggles, or emotional pain.
  • There is no friend like an old friend—and an old friend can be someone you just met. It’s all a question of clicking with someone. With the right person, a few minutes can make you friends; with the wrong person, twenty years wouldn’t be enough.

As the Sun in Leo is joined by Venus at this Full Moon, it’s a particularly rich time to reclaim your true, creative, and loving self. The Full Moon in Aquarius urges you to look over the side of the boat and examine your reflection in the glassy, midsummer polar ice. Are you a restless lion, born free but now pacing in a cage of your own design? Without the Aquarian insistence on freedom, willingness to walk away from what isn’t working, and innate sense of connection with our fellow humans, the creative heart collapses under the weight of insatiable longing for approval, petting, validation.

The season of the Lion urges you to pursue what is in your heart, and the Aquarius Full Moon wants to buy you the freedom to do it. Here is your cue to set everything that is false and confining adrift on an ice floe, banging against other blocks of ice until it eventually disintegrates—floating down deep and forgotten into the unfathomable sea.

© 2015-2023 by April Elliott Kent


5 comments to " Full Moon in Aquarius: Born Free "

  • Gabrielle

    Lovely stuff here thank you April. If you are the Leo with Jup in Aqua, I’m the Sun Aquarian with Moon/Uranus in Leo. So I hear you outloud. Thank goodness I’ve got Leo there, It’s a joyful, creative combo = when I “manage” it. . . love your writing always, especially enjoyed the House System write-up, fab.

  • RonjaThePigeon

    Thank you so much for these musings on the Leo / Aquarius axis. I’ve managed to fathom and ‘surf’ the energies of most of my chart, but my North Node in Aquarius is somewhat perplexing, and this full moon conjuncts it. I see my North Node as like a guide rope to pull myself into my own future, but it’s in the 8th house exactly square a Scorpio Jupiter, which is a confusion (to me) of energetic principles that is awkward to negotiate. I keep lapsing back into the ‘negative / stale’ Leo zone.

    I really do love the way you’ve outlined the effects and responses between the two signs. When I come to do my full moon meditation I shall reread this and really try to absorb what you’ve captured here. You’re an exquisite writer and your posts glisten with jewels of wisdom and insight. There’s so much empty expert noise out there but you are the real deal.

    As for Saturn, I would say ‘many happy returns!’ but that sounds a bit daunting. Maybe another double?

  • Andi B

    I really enjoyed this essay April. I can’t say it better than the previous commenter, there is so much empty noise out there and you are the real deal. I can really feel this full moon approaching on a deeply personal level – it’s like something has cracked open and switched inside my head these last few days – and the way you’ve presented the Leo / Aquarius axis makes it all make sense. In the past, I had been thinking about two struggles I’ve been facing as separate, but increasingly I see how they’re connected. On the one hand, an overwhelming desire to create and move my life in a different direction, to be brave and put myself out there… but constantly pulling myself back through nameless fears. And the other being the realisation that I’ve been kidding myself for many years about a best ‘friend’, and what’s actually been taking place is in no way healthy friendship, but a slow experience of being depleted and reduced by a covert narcissist whose main interest is pushing me into a box and using me to prop up her ego. Since late last year I’ve most definitely realised the true picture, but at the same time have felt like I’m going through a strange waiting period, withdrawing from the negativity somewhat, keeping my own counsel, waiting things out, and wondering how it will all turn out… But something in the last few days has shifted on a deep level. I don’t need to necessarily change course in terms of what I’m doing outwardly, but what’s shifted is I feel this new sense of freedom, of internal validation, of knowing that I’m doing what I need to do, and I’m not looking for excuses or ways to smooth over an untenable situation. I’m Leo rising (Pisces Sun), and Mercury in Aquarius conjunct my North Node and Descendent, so yes, really feeling the themes that you are talking about! And here I am – someone who never comments on websites – spilling my guts 🙂 But seriously, this has really encapsulated what I’ve been feeling, so just wanted to say I appreciate your unique insight and writing.

  • You spoke to the very center of my heart- “the creative heart collapses under the weight of insatiable longing for approval, petting, validation.” This full moon is a doozy.

  • Wendy

    I am in my 2nd Saturn return, and it’s a doozy. I’m a Pisces with Leo rising and a Libra moon and an Aries mom, and my Venus and Mars in Aquarius are lifesavers. They are part of a yod that seems to be working out the need for approval stuff, after so much push pull around expectations. I love your Aquarius lessons, and am wishing them strongly for all of us. Really feeling the other comments too.
    Thanks for mentioning the traditional ruler of Aquarius. That had escaped me, but makes sense. Boundaries free me. It would be interesting to see a post about traditional/new planetary rulers.

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