First, he killed his mother.

The fallout from last night’s tense Full Moon is spilling out all over today’s headlines. In Alabama on Tuesday, a quiet young man killed ten people – beginning with his mother (remember the Moon conjunct Saturn in that Full Moon chart?) and ending with himself.

This morning, I turned on the radio to listen to the soothing tones of Carl Kassell while I prepared breakfast. The top story was horrendous news of a grisly killing in a German high school. A gunman killed 12 people at the school and another three who got in his way, and finally killed himself.

And In the past five days, Northern Ireland has seen its worst political violence in a decade, with two British soldiers and a policeman killed.

Deep breaths, people.

* * *

It’s not all guns and murder, of course. Venus in her contrarian retrograde mode has delivered the best successive days in the stock market so far this year, and bestowed a welcome influx of work (and money!) upon yours truly.  I’m fairly cruising through this rough week, I must say, which perplexes me: the Full Moon and Saturn/Uranus are hitting my natal Mars almost precisely. Not that I’m complaining, mind you; I guess this just describes the man in my life (Mars) having a tough week – my poor husband is battling a succession of technical challenges at work.

How are you doing?

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  • Venus in retrograde seems to be doing the same for me: Finances are great, human interaction AWFUL.

  • Classic saturn-Uranus tech problems: my webhost was down for 4 hours and the customer service (Virgo!) stank.

  • I’m so behind on your posts! I finished taxes during the full moon, cleared up the muck of my life as I’m recovering from Cairo’s death, which happened the day Venus went Rx in my 6th. Crazy body stuff (that briefly became crazy head stuff) is happening, although not unmanageable. And I still have a perma-smile about the new love in my life. Been looking at foreclosures for auction — very Venus Rx!

  • Waaaa… Cairo kitty! 🙁 I’m so sorry, Maria. Losing a pet is rough. My next blog post will be about five sad pet deaths I’ve heard about in the week since the Full Moon. Must be a Virgo/Pisces phenomenon.

    But loooove and foreclosures sound like exciting distractions!

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