Finding the Inner Puritan

Garrison Keillor, no doubt responding to transiting Saturn approaching his Sun in Leo, ruminates in Salon today * about “finding one’s inner Puritan” as the road to “weight loss and eternal happiness.”

When I tell people I want to lose weight, I wish they’d look at me in slack-jawed amazement and cry, “You? Lose weight? Are you mad? You are the very picture of slim-hipped elegance.” But people don’t, they say, “Have you heard about the North Shore diet?” or “I was reading something about losing weight while you sleep.” So there seems to be a perception out there that less of me might be a Good Thing.

* You need to be a Salon member or watch a “Free Pass” advertisement to view this article. Ironically, the “Free Pass” ad I was offered was for an ultra-slim cell phone advertised with the phrase “Thin is in.” Heh.