Fault Lines

fault lineI’ve just posted a new article about the upcoming lunar eclipse, entitled “Fault Lines.” Read it here… And if you’re curious about the “fault lines” this month’s eclipses will reveal in your own chart, order my eclipse report, Followed by a Moonshadow.

Jeff’s got a couple of really great articles about eclipses here, if you haven’t seen ’em already… Good luck with that eclipse conjunct your Sun, buddy!

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  • Thanks, April. If I’m still around on Monday, I’ll let you know how it went.

  • Interesting article. I may talk to you when my birthday comes around on 9/11 – my solar year starts with a solar eclipse on my Sun! Of course Uranus will already have stationed opposite my Sun in June… Speaking of shaking things up.

  • isthmus nekoi

    Great article! I have to admit, I try very hard to remember eclipses, but I always end up forgetting about them. I esp appreciate your mentioning of the earlier Virgo/Pisces eclipse years. Were those close to the 13th degree?

  • Jeffrey and Leslee, they’re not always easy, but I find those years with eclipses aspecting the natal Sun can ultimately be incredibly rewarding – years when you take maturity and stewardship of your own life to a new level. But eclipses to the Sun can be difficult for the same reasons that “growing up” is always difficult: it’s often hard to look up to ourselves rather than yielding authority to some seemingly omnicient other (parent, boss, mentor). (And Leslee, it must suck to have 9/11 as a birthday!)

    isthmus nekoi – Yep, those years had eclipses within a few degrees of 13 mutable. And in fact there was an eclipse close to that degree back in September, so this is sort of “round 2” for important issues going on in the fall.

  • This moon falls in between my natal Venus (11) and natal Pluto (18) which is conjunct Uranus and Sun. My dreams this week have been SO intense.

    I feel like March and September have been doing this Virgo/Pisces eclipse thing for years. And, I have such big stuff going on in those areas of my chart……I am staying positive. Just me letting go and letting go and becoming more me!

  • April, wasn’t there a super nasty eclipse at 29Virgo on September 22 of last year?

  • Yah, the 9/11 birthday sucked for a couple of years, but now people don’t, like, shut down the restaurants or anything.

    Well, if the eclipse to the Sun is about maturity and stewardship of one’s life, I’m all for it. I have Saturn transiting my 1st house now anyway. I only wish it hadn’t taken so long to grow up! Maybe that nice Uranus in Pisces will offer this self-critical Virgo some detachment and compassion for those past idiocies. 🙂 (My Sun’s also square Saturn, so the Uranus hits both. Jupiter also stations on that Saturn at the same time. I figure it’s all good!)

  • Great article!
    I will be visiting here more often!

  • isthmus nekoi

    Thanks for replying – I have good memories from those years 🙂

  • isthmus nekoi

    p.s. Do you use Saros cycles?

  • Sorry for the delay in replying to all your fine comments!

    isthmus nekoi – I sort of use the Saros Cycles, but I pay equal attention to lunar eclipses. For a long time I paid pretty close attention to Bernadette Brady’s delineation of the various Saros Cycles, based on the first eclipses in the series, and while I found them fascinating I didn’t find they added as much as I would have expected to my work with eclipses in birth charts. I would highly recommend her book “The Eagle and the Lark,” though, for a very useful examination of working with eclipses.

    Good luck, leslee!

    Maria – yes, it was rather ghastly. I seem to remember the entire internet blogging/journaling community having a minor nervous breakdown around that time – weird, public quarrels breaking out and the like. Seems a bit mellower this time around… or, probably, I’m just not paying as much attention!

    NancyI always feel the same way about Virgo/Pisces eclipses; they’re really the worst for me, even though eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius aspect the same areas of my chart (albeit with different aspects). Hope you’re hanging in there!