Episode 74 | Libra Full Moon: Go Fly a Kite!

April and Jen grab their kites and gab about a comfy Libra Full Moon that urges us to grab opportunities – we’re hoping that includes petting some puppies! It’s a Mercury-heavy week that brings the planet of communication into a confrontation with Mars on the Moon’s North Node. Relationships also come into focus this week, as Venus joins up with the Sun, sparking a convo about last June’s Venus Star Point. Plus: grand trines, telepathy, and how you (yes, you!) can sponsor Mooooonwaaaaaatch!

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00:30 – Who doesn’t love puppies? To see Jen’s old border collie masquerading as Saturn, visit Episode 6, Saturn & Pluto Eat More Crunchy Things. (And do check out the delightful oracle cards offered by the Color Mage if that’s up your alley!)

03:06 – Mercury, at 11.45 Pisces, squares Mars in Gemini (March 23). The planet of communication is on the Sabian symbol, “An examination of initiates.” The planet of action is on, “A slave girl demands her rights of her mistress.” Is there tension around standing up for yourself? Around listening vs. speaking out?

​06:17 – Mercury also squares the Lunar Nodes at 13.27 Pisces/Gemini (March 24/25). The North Node symbol is, “A conversation by telepathy.” Don’t forget that it’s important to have the chat, even if you think words are unnecessary.

​08:37 – Venus (finally!) catches up with the Sun at 5.50 Aries (March 25/26) in a superior conjunction. Venus has been invisible in the sky since late February, and is getting ready to transition from a morning star to an evening star; she will “return” to the evening sky in late April. Every 8 years, Venus conjoins the Sun; the pattern produces a lovely 5-pointed star in the heavens, called a Venus Star Point. (Watch this beautiful 5-minute video of how the Earth and Venus tango together to create a pentagram.)

11:02 – This week’s Mercury aspects to Mars/North Node occur near the same patch of sky as the last Venus/Sun conjunction (from June 3, 2020 – Episode 28, Eclipses and Nodes: Why be Mean when you can be True?), which also featured the symbol, “A conversation by telepathy.” The Venus Star Point prior to your birth is described by some astrologers as symbolizing the best of who you are and how you connect with others.

14:26 – Mars meets the North Node at 13.14 Gemini (March 26) on the Sabian symbol – yep, you guessed it! – “A conversation by telepathy.” It was at the South Node last February, when we felt like fledglings getting kicked out of the nest. Are we full-fledged birds now?

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20:46 – **MOONWATCH ** The Full Moon at 8.18 Libra (March 28) is on the symbol, “Three old masters hanging in an art gallery.” The Sun is on 9 Aries, “A crystal gazer.” This is the illumination point from the New Moon in Pisces (Episode 72, Pisces New Moon: Kitchen Cats and Angular Houses); it is also linked to the Libra New Moon from Oct. 2020 (Episode 51, Libra New Moon: Symmetry Schmemmetry!) and the Lunar Phase Family that began in Sept. 2019.

22:34 – Are we too comfortable to take action? There is a beautiful Air Grand Trine in this Full Moon chart between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn; it’s also making a kite formation with the Sun/Venus at the tip. Remember: Don’t just talk about things (air emphasis), because there are likely opportunities to initiate a plan!

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