Ep. 60 | Sagittarius Solar Eclipse and Coins in the Couch

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 60 (12/14/2020)

060 | Sagittarius Solar Eclipse and Coins in the Couch

April and Jen groove their way into this busy week, when 5 planets will change signs – we’re looking at you Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and (next Monday) the Sun in Cap! The Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse invites us to make meaning of the world; Venus sends Jupiter and Saturn a parting gift on their way to Aquarius; and the Sun and Mercury cut a rug with Mars… what could go wrong? (#kiddingnotkidding) Plus: loose change, fresh eyes, and our first non-imaginary sponsor!

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04:50 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our very first non-imaginary sponsor, Faunabelle Tarot!! We’re pleased to promote these gorgeous cards – do check out their Kickstarter Preview which launches on Dec. 19th!

07:56 – ** MOONWATCH! ** It’s our last eclipse of 2020: A New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23°08’ Sagittarius (Dec. 14) on the joyous Sabian symbol, “A bluebird standing at the door of the house.” This eclipse is on the South Node – change comes from releasing and letting go. In Sag, we are asked to rethink how we make meaning of the world. Past eclipses at this degree include June 2011, Dec. 2001, June 1992, June 1984, and Dec. 1982. What echoes back to you from those times? Is there an old, unhelpful narrative running through your head? Is it time to let go of that story? (To find the house where the eclipse falls in your birth chart, here’s April’s helpful post. And here’s info to find out if the eclipse is visible where you live.)

12:44 – Venus, at 29° Scorpio, sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn (Dec. 14) and then Saturn (Dec. 15), bringing opportunities for enhanced status and being drawn into our calling. How can you serve the world? What’s your gift? There’s an opportunity to take something with you that you’ve been learning over the past couple of years. (And don’t forget to order your personalized copy of the Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report – use code BSASBS for $5 off through Dec. 21!)

18:04 – Mercury, at 21° Sagittarius, trines Mars in Aries on Dec. 14. Tell it like it is, but always remember to practice kindness as well! Are you able to do both?

19:29 – Neptune is still square the Lunar Nodes in the eclipse chart. To hear more about that transit, revisit Episode 57, Learning from Neptune, Giving Thanks, & Our One-Year Podiversary!

20:13 – Venus enters Sagittarius on Dec. 15 and will be there until Jan. 8, 2021. It’s time to enjoy the unfamiliar – perhaps look at something you see every day with fresh eyes. Can we enlarge our perspective on what’s already around us by cultivating beginner’s mind?

23:50 – Jupiter AND Saturn move into Aquarius this week, setting the stage for next week’s ginormous conjunction! First up: What happens when Saturn, the planet of structures and boundaries, enters the sign of rebellion, the future, hopes and dreams, and social justice and civil liberties. Take note, fixed signs: It’s time to experience some growth! (Helpful past episodes include Episode 9, It’s Aquarius Season, Charlie Brown! and Episode 17, Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together.)

29:27 – Jupiter enters Aquarius on Dec. 19, and April is having a Jupiter return! She shares it with a former president who presided over a time of similar economic challenges during their last mutual Jupiter return. Jupiter symbolizes growth, expansion, and big-picture thinking, and Aquarius is a sign that is forward-thinking and not afraid to change the status quo. Nothing happens overnight, though; outer planets move slowly, and change takes time.

34:20 – Mercury makes a superior conjunction to the Sun at 28°42’ Sagittarius (Dec. 19). This particular transit in this particular sign reminds us to pause before speaking. Maybe try journaling (quietly and to yourself) instead of insisting that you know everything about everything?

36:46 – Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec. 20 and will be there through Jan. 8, 2021. This is a great transit to make plans, resolutions, and schedules for the coming year, especially related to your professional life. (Revisit Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses to hear more about Mercury in Cap – and it’s also a helpful one to learn about eclipses!)

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  • Gosh. I feel so many people believe the world is and means whatever the corporate PR releases are or what the corporate media narratives are and if anything I know fully and completely that this year has taught me that we don’t need to give our power over or away to people that lie for a living. Deception is a fancy harp that’s been playing strong this year and I for one am not enamored whatsoever by the weak approaches in how a minor pandemic was handled. I expect new universal basic income, new universal basic healthcare, and new universal basic education is the right way to be human on this earth. And the light deserves to be stubborn instead of manipulated by darkness. I feel this New Moon Eclipse is about a steady shot into the target this is our country’s identity and what we want that to mean instead of being a corporate prostitute for other people’s pocketbooks. We should be taking care of our communities and cleaning our homes. It’s one thing to listen to someone’s judegements of a black sheep in the family and it’s another to live with the black sheep and experience what their life is like even it is on the outside looking in. Some bluebirds choose being caged, others choose freedom of not being handed everything in order to survive and I think we all are struggling with defining and transforming what government and corporations should act like in times of crisis. You either sacrifice your identity to depend on others because you see yourself as a victim or you keep your identity and depend on yourself mostly and others secondary if need be. This year will never be forgotten and I am already booked to meet with God when I die to go over this hot mess.

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