Episode 53 | Our Taurus Full Moon Halloween Spooktacular!

053 | Our Taurus Full Moon Halloween Spooktacular!

April & Jen don their podcasting costumes for a surprising Halloween Taurus Full Moon, Mercury and Saturn fight about what’s fair, and a luxurious trip to Libra for Venus and Mercury – from opposite ends of the sign. Plus: unaspected planets, birth certificate questions, and Jen’s best intro ever! And if you’re in the US, don’t forget to turn back your clocks on November 1!

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00:30 – April and Jen’s Halloween traditions include Chinese food and Spooky Ghost Casserole (which is a from-scratch version of this cute recipe).

03:16 – On Episode 49, Saturn & Pluto Leave the Station, listener Jodie left a comment inquiring about an exactly-on-the-hour time of birth. April’s suspicious Neptune in Scorpio raises an eyebrow. Here are some suggestions for finding a “real” birth time – for humans and pets (thanks, Steven Forrest!).

09:56 – Mercury retrograde (Rx) and Venus head into Libra minutes apart and from opposite ends of the sign (Oct. 27, 6:34 and 6:41 pm PDT)! The planet of communication focuses on diplomacy and fair play here, while Venus is in the sign of her rulership and enjoys the company of others. Mercury exits Libra on Nov. 10, and the planet of relating packs her bags Nov. 22. (Listen to Episode 41, Pisces Full Moon and the Yin to Your Yang to hear more about Mercury’s entry into Libra.)

15:39 – ** MOONWATCH! ** Happy Halloween (Oct. 31)! The Full Moon at 8.38 Taurus brings us a surprise this year: It conjoins Uranus and opposes the Sun today! Full Moons are always a time of illumination and awareness – what will come to light? The Moon is on the incongruous Sabian symbol “A Christmas Tree,” while the Sun’s symbol is “Dental Work” – together, these speak of the unexpected and going deep to get rid of whatever is hidden and unhealthy. Funny that “dental work” falls on a day celebrated by candy companies… and let’s welcome new imaginary sponsor Peeps!

21:18 – Venus needs a buddy in this Full Moon chart! What does it mean when a planet is unaspected, i.e. not connecting to any other planet? Our cell phones are searching for an answer!

23:43 – This Full Moon is not only connected to the Libra New Moon from two weeks ago (Episode 51, Libra New Moon: Symmetry Schmemmetry!), but also to a lunar cycle that began in May 2019. (Bonus! If you listen to the previously mentioned Episode 41, you’ll also get to learn about the fascinating lunar phase families!)

25:11 – Mercury Rx makes the second of three squares to Saturn (Nov. 1) on the Sabian symbol for 27 Libra “An airplane hovering overhead.” Saturn is on 27 Capricorn “A mountain pilgrimage.” This illustrates two different ways of getting to the top: One involves hard work, and the other involves an easy step onto a plane. Ask yourself: Are you being fair, kind, equitable, and listening as much as you are speaking? (To hear about their conjunction, review Episode 7, Saturn & Pluto Go to The Repair Shop. And go to Episode 48, The Libra Equinox & Mercury Goes Sleuthing for info on their first square.)

29:38 – Go back and binge us, new listeners! We include useful, evergreen tidbits in every episode. Perhaps give our most popular Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses a try?

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4 comments to " Episode 53 | Our Taurus Full Moon Halloween Spooktacular! "

  • Izabella Peregrino

    THANK YOU JEN for the best “Moon Watch singing” of the year ! It was awesome !

    Also I can’t say thank you enough to both of you. It really does make my Mondays start in such a wonderful note !

    Happy week to both of you ! Looking forward for the eclipse episode next week

    • Jen Braun

      Oh, Izabella, that is a really kind thing to say about my goofy singing… thank you! 😊 And it means a lot that the podcast makes your Mondays better in some small way. Thanks for letting us know – it’s always nice to hear from you. Big hugs!

  • Jodie

    Thank you for addressing my question about birth certificate time. Here is my reason for doubt… my mother’s story was that I was born “around 8:30pm”. My birth certificate says 10:00 pm. I’m either Saggitarius it rising or Scorpio rising. Sorta different. I have my suspicion about which it is! I don’t have many family resources to check at this point, but I will try looking at key dates and transits. Maybe something will jump out at me.
    BTW I was born in Minnesota Jen, but now I live north of you April. I’m in Morro Bay!
    Thank again.

    • Jen Braun

      Aw, Jodie, you were born in MN? Love that! What an intriguing birth-time mystery you have on your hands. Good luck on your search; keep us posted if you make any discoveries! And thanks so much for listening!

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