Episode 33 | Kittens and Composite Charts


033 | Kittens and Composite Charts

April and Jen celebrate National Days relevant to their interests (pie and kittens) and review the week’s planetary highlights: Mercury turns direct after a feisty aspect to impulsive Mars; the Sun hits the beach with Neptune; and an energetic, possibly aggravating Last Quarter Moon in Aries. Also, a brief introduction to Composite Charts (they’re two, two, two charts in one!). Plus: an oddly quiet day, an eloquent ASL interpreter, a big anniversary, and interviewing kittens.

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00:42 – Everything was coming up April and Jen this week: kittens, cows, and pecan pie. (You better believe pie goes way back… to Episode 1, Stars Over Thanksgiving! Or how about Episode 15, Venus + Pie: 0-29 Degrees of Separation?)

03:00 – We wish Jen’s parents a happy wedding anniversary! (Meet Jen’s parents on Episode 22, Taurus New Moon and Venus Gone Wild!) Aww… their marriage was born the same year as April! What a great year!

04:43 – A curiously quiet day on July 7… the Moon will be void-of-course in Aquarius all day. Good day to catch up, rest, and wear your leisure suit! (Learn about the VOC Moon on Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon.)

05:39 – Mercury makes the second of three opening squares to Mars on July 8. The pair first joined forces last September, along with a co-hosting duo you may know. What was happening for you last September? (And, because we like you, the composite chart as an 80s candy commercial.)

08:55 – Squares always indicate tension: Mercury is on the Sabian symbol for 7 Cancer, “Two Fairies on a moonlit night.” Mars is on 7 Aries, “A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.” So although these are lovely symbols, remember to think before speaking, and show caution when driving, too! (And as for Gov. Walz’s much-lauded ASL interpreter, read about her here or watch a short news clip about her here.)

13:28 – Mercury turns around and faces forward on a busy day in the skies (July 12) on the Sabian symbol for 6 Cancer, “Game birds feathering their nest.” Cozy, or cautionary? (Mercury turned retrograde on June 18 at 14.46 Cancer (Episode 30, Cancer Solar Eclipse: You’re Buffering). Jen’s big take-away: Always blame Neptune.

17:28 – Also July 12, the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 21 degrees. This is a lovely aspect for creativity, music, getting into nature, having a spiritual retreat, and catching up on sleep.

19:35 – ** Moonwatch**! A temperamental Last Quarter Moon at 21.03 Aries (yep, July 12). This part of the lunar cycle always asks us to look back: How are you doing with what you initiated at the Cancer New Moon solar eclipse on June 20/21? How about at March’s Aries New Moon? Aries is about new life and initiating things. Is there a way now to safely make progress?

23:44 – This lunar aspect forms a T-square, with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn making tense aspects to both the Sun and Moon. The release point is from 20-29 degrees Libra. Got any planets getting squeezed there?

25:46 – At the Last Quarter, the Moon is on the Sabian symbol for 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of desire.” The Sun on 22 Cancer, “A woman awaiting a sailboat.” What is the path forward? Is there a kitten in the picture?

27:06 – When does eclipse season end, anyway?

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  • Sherry25

    Another fabulous podcast there, ladies! 😉 I always look forward to listening to the both of you with your inspirational view points. Lots of reflecting, as we often do with all these retrogrades. Perhaps we shall become masterful at maneuvering them with you both guiding us with such ease and confidence! I feel like it’s the “hurry up (Mars in Aries) and wait ( 6 retrograde planets).” Lookin’ forward to that relaxing day tomorrow (Tues.) Have a Blessed one!

    • Jen Braun

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Sherry, and for listening! And hey, now we have Mercury moving forward… so maybe the “hurry up and wait” thing will ease up a little. 😊 😊

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