Episode 29 | Neptune Washing Over All, and the US Pluto Return

Episode 29 | Neptune Washing Over All, and the US Pluto Return

April & Jen dogpaddle through the waters of a deeply Neptunian week: the Last Quarter Moon is in watery Pisces, and Neptune aspects the Sun and Mars. How many ways does the Universe have to ask us to open our hearts and our ears to one another? Plus: does the widespread unrest in recent weeks signal the dawning of the US’s Pluto return?

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00:40 – April & Jen talk about recent events in Minneapolis, the killing of George Floyd, and racial inequality. Your co-hosts want you to know that we support racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

04:42 – Are we seeing the beginnings of the US’s Pluto return? And BTW, what is a Pluto return, anyway? For more on returns, listen to Episode 11 (Saturn Returns We’ve Known & “Loved”), and Episode 20 (Libra Full Moon: A Magic Carpet Ride), which has info on lunar returns.

12:09 – ** Moonwatch**! It’s a Last Quarter Moon this week (June 12/13), so let’s take inventory and assess our progress. The Moon, Neptune and Mars are all in Pisces, squaring off against the Sun in Gemini. The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 23 Pisces is, “Spiritist phenomena.” The Sun is on 23 Gemini, “Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.” This speaks to a magical element, safety, the company of others, listening, and learning. Be sensitive, be tender, be kind to one another.

16:41 – As the Sun squares Neptune (June 11), watery Neptune can overwhelm the Sun’s fire, so energy may be low. Alternately, the Sun can evaporate water and create a fog. Slow down and listen, because we’re navigating in the fog right now. And the Sabian symbols – “a labor demonstration” and “a little white lamb, a child, and a Chinese servant” were prominent in Episode 23 (Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon), so revisit that one to hear more.

20:27 – Does Neptune in Pisces have an advantage over the Sun in Gemini? Don’t underestimate Neptune; water eventually wears down anything. Just ask the Rock of Gibraltar. Or the Grand Canyon.

21:34 – The fog of war: Mars joins up with Neptune in Pisces (June 13). Information may become confusing and distorted as a new 2-year cycle of conflict and idealism commences. It’s a Neptunian week… rest if you need to.

23:46 – We are in eclipse season, friends! Last week’s and next week’s eclipses have challenging, conflict-heavy signatures. So take breaks as needed, and be kind to yourself and others.

24:32 – If you haven’t yet, please help the BSA podcast at no cost by subscribing, rating and reviewing. And there are a lot of Minneapolis nonprofits that need support – if you’d like to help one out, consider Tubman… they do amazing work. Or, here are 115 ways to donate in support of black lives and communities of color.

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  • Anna

    Is anyone else having trouble with sound on the podcast today? I click play and get silence.

    I’ve checked my settings and also tried playing from Podbean site.

    • April

      It worked on my phone using the Apple Podcast app, Anna, and it works if I access the Podbean site from my desktop – but not on my phone. It works in Podbean’s app for iPhone. We’ll get in touch with Podbean to see what’s up – what device are using to try to access it?

      • Anna

        It’s working for me now, thank you! Darn those gremlins in my computer! 🙂
        I think it was me, not you.

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