Episode 190 | The Sun Meets Venus: Intoxicated with Love!

This week: The Taurus Last Quarter Moon finishes up the lunar cycle that began at the July 17th Cancer New Moon. Venus is in the spotlight with a brilliant Solar conjunction and an exciting aspect to Uranus. And April answers a listener question about what she calls a Venus retrograde loophole: Can we happily buy used or sale items while the planet of money is retrograde? Plus: Making our own mistakes, feeding the ducks, and a debonair chapeau! 

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[1:52] Moon Report! The Last Quarter Moon (Aug. 8, 3:28 AM PDT) at 15º38’ Taurus conjoins Jupiter and Uranus, with all square Sun-Venus, trine Mars.

[3:24] Consider this Last Quarter Moon a sneak peek into next year’s Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (April 20, 2024, 21º49’ Taurus). This Last Quarter’s Sabian symbol is 16 Taurus, Old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries.

[5:25] This is the last critical point in a Lunar Phase Family cycle that began at the May 11, 2021 New Moon. The First Quarter in the cycle was on Feb. 8, 2022, and the Full Moon (a lunar eclipse) was Nov. 8, 2022.

[7:46] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. Aug. 9 (3:38 AM PDT), the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto. It’s VOC for about 1 ½ hours, then enters Gemini (6:05 AM PDT). Do you feel secure enough to expand your reach into other and more powerful connections?

[9:29] On Aug. 11 (10:27 AM PDT), the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune. It’s VOC for about 5 ½ hours before entering Cancer (3:52 PM PDT). Spend some quality time with a book and a water feature.

[10:41] Retrograde Venus meets Uranus (Aug. 9, 4:08 AM PDT) at 22°54’ Leo-Taurus, in the second of three squares (the others on July 2 and Sep. 29).

[12:19] Uranus’ Sabian symbol at this square is A jewelry shop. All that glitters is not gold. Look to the inner qualities that really shine, if given a chance.

[12:55] Also on Aug. 9 (5:47 PM PDT), Mercury trines Jupiter at 14º31’ Virgo-Taurus.  Mercury’s Sabian symbol is 15 Virgo, An ornamental handkerchief, and Jupiter’s is 15 Taurus, A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat. Make the very basic things useful, and then elegant and lovely.

[15:04] On Aug. 13 (4:15 AM PDT), the Sun and Venus come together in a conjunction at 20º28’ Leo. When a planet is exactly conjoined the Sun, it’s said to be cazimi.

[15:34] The Venus/Sun conjunction is also called the Venus Star Point. Follow these links for more about this powerful point: this article and a video interview. The Sabian symbol for this conjunction is 21 Leo, Chickens intoxicated. Let go of the negative internal chatter and get drunk on love.

[16:20] Arielle Guttman, a specialist on the Venus Star Point, says the first 20 days after Venus turns retrograde is for emptying out what has been collected since the last retrograde. The last Venus-Sun conjunction near this degree was Aug. 15, 2015 at 22º39’ Leo.

[18:27] Listener Dora asks about purchasing used and sale items while Venus is retrograde.

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