Episode 18 | An Aries New Moon and a Kerflooey World


018 | Aries New Moon and a Kerflooey World

As the world’s anxiety level is turned up to eleven, April and Jen share some mindfulness techniques to help you be here now. And in the Big Sky this week: the Aries New Moon, this year’s eclipse season midpoint, and Venus offers Jupiter and Pluto an earthy elbow-bump. Plus: monarch butterflies, tortilla chips, a new imaginary sponsor, and Larry, Moe, and Curly. Oh, and pie. Always, pie.

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01:10 – The word of the week is kerflooey! Or better yet, nibling!

02:11 – How to override your lizard brain and help keep your cool during times of stress. Three cheers for the almond-shaped amygdala! (If you prefer, you can join April and imagine this famous reptile.)

02:47 – To put the prefrontal cortex back in charge, count your breaths, pet your dog, or meditate. (Here’s a free meditation for adults or kids. And if you have some extra buck, our newest imaginary sponsor Headspace offers a great app!)

03:44 – HELPFUL STUFF: Episode 12 features a method to ground yourself. In Episode 13 you’ll find a breathing technique. And here are many more useful articles and resources: “Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus”, “6 Steps for Getting Out of a Panic Spiral”, “Taking the Fear Out of Coronavirus”  and creating a home retreat during difficult times.

06:55 – Is the future static, or are we co-creating it right now? In the present moment, April contends, is the seed of the future. (Hang on while Jen grabs a tissue…)

07:38 – Take April’s mom’s advice: When things get overwhelming, clean one drawer! What are the things on your list that you DO have control over?

09:48 – You definitely have control over what you’re grateful for! Try to focus on that. Just… stop, notice, breathe. There you go! You got it. 😊

10:20 – Let’s play the Moonwatch theme, which reminds April of dramatic chipmunk!

10:42 – ** Moonwatch**! There is a New Moon at 4°12’ Aries on March 24. This is our fifth New Moon on the BSA Podcast! (And listen to Episode 14 to find out why April loves the number 5!)

11:13 – The Sabian symbol is, “A triangle with wings.” Jen thinks of monarchs, the 3 Stooges, tortilla chips… and, of course, pie! April’s imagination summons the trine aspect, and in the season of the fast-moving Ram this speaks of the world’s accelerating pace.

13:40 – The Sun’s square to the Lunar Nodes (March 23) marks the midpoint between the December 25/26 Solar eclipse (4° Capricorn) and the upcoming June 21 Solar eclipse (at 0° Cancer). Any planets in your chart between 0-4° Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn? This New Moon kicks them in the shins.

16:01 – Don’t forget to order your Followed by a Moonshadow Eclipse Report! It’s exclusive.

19:25 – Doesn’t an open-air tabletop garden sound fun? If you’re not into terrariums, try starting seeds indoors.

20:00 – Venus and Jupiter meet in a cooperative aspect on March 27/28. With both in earth signs (cheat sheet on the elements here), this transit is generally a positive one … use it to reach out to people in generosity and fellowship. We always like fellowship (that story is in Episode 13)! And make sure to pick up a copy of April’s lovely book “Astrological Transits,” which is funny, accessible, eloquent… and you’ll learn a few things, too.

21:35 – Jen’s side note: Alert listeners know that we record a week in advance, and my get-together with friends took place before small gatherings were verboten. Now, as April discussed in Episode 5, “We go nowhere, we see no one, and we do nothing!”

21:40 – On March 28, Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. April shares the myth of Persephone with Pluto (also called Hades in Greek mythology). April shares Michelle Gould’s interpretation of this transit. Add something lovely to the parts of life that are difficult or trying. And hey, maybe channel your focus in a way that helps others.

26:29 – Jen enjoys the idea of Venus bringing the aspect to Pluto, not the other way around. It’s a useful way to think of transits. Thanks, April!

27:45 – April and Jen’s convivial elbow bump brings this episode to a close! But before you go, please do subscribe to the BSA podcast if you’re able, and tell a friend about us. If you’re enjoying the show, please consider leaving us a positive review, or write us a nice note! Finally, this week, give your dollar to someone in need. It’s intense here on planet Earth… so help someone out! Peace. ❤

Length: 29:45

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