Episode 17 | Saturn in Aquarius: All in this Together


Title: 017 | Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together

April and Jen recorded this episode early last week, at what now seems like a gentler moment – when citizens bravely assembled in public without respirator masks and toilet paper was plentiful. In a conversation that touches only briefly on the COVID-19, we spend a good amount of time talking about Saturn entering Aquarius, the Aries equinox, a planetary traffic jam in Capricorn, and time-traveling between the early 90s and 2023. And in the here and now, we’re wishing every one of you love and good health. As Saturn in Aquarius reminds us, we’re all in this together.

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1:24     How will you celebrate the 27th Annual International Astrology Day? Sponsored by the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), this holiday celebrates astrology in all its forms with events around the globe! See this page for suggested events, including AFAN’s own free online Marathon: Saturday, March 21, from 10 am-6 pm Pacific time! Join April, other AFAN members, and a variety of international speakers – free and open to everyone!

3:32     ***Moonwatch!*** This week, we’re cautioned to be gentle with each other at a time of tension at the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius (March 16, 2:34 am PDT), which asks, “What can we learn from all this?” Which seems like exactly the right question for the moment! (And oops, Jen mis-remembered the first Last Quarter Moon episode! It was Episode 4. Did we mention that Mercury was stationing as we recorded this?)

5:17     April and Jen are pretty tired of talking about Mercury, which finds its way back into Pisces this week (March 16). And there was much rejoicing. For a more extensive discussion of Mercury in the sign o’ the fishes, you’ll find a thorough examination in Episode 11, Saturn Returns We’ve Known and Loved. (And if you crave even more, swim over to Episode 13 and Episode 14.)

6:27     Welcome the Aries Equinox (March 19, 8:49 pm PDT), the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (Autumn down under) and the starting gate of the energetic New Year! Here’s what it looks like in the sky. And here’s what it looks like if you’re a Disney heroine in 1937!

7:42     Five out of ten planets in Capricorn call for reason and pragmatism on March 18, which is tough news for the Sun entering Aries the next day. Obstacles will appear, but put effort into what you want!

9:55     What’s a stellium? Several different planetary voices at one table talking about a single subject! April urges a visit to the late, great Donna Cunningham’s website, and specifically her eBook on the subject, which is now available in two parts here and here. (Note: the link to buy the ebook on Donna’s site is no longer active.)

13:01   Saturn enters Aquarius! (Mar. 21, 8:58 pm PDT). Looking ahead for three years of shaking up old structures, rebelling against restrictions, and setting forth into a bold future! If you were born when Saturn was previously in Aquarius (Jan. 1962-March 23, 1964 and Sep. 16, 1964-Dec. 16, 1964; Feb. 6, 1991-May 21, 1993 and June 30 1993-Jan. 28, 1994), you’ll be having a Saturn Return! More about that in episode 11, Saturn Returns We’ve Known and Loved.

15:13   April & Jen share memories of how their lives changed the last time Saturn was in Aquarius. April rebelled against corporate America, and Jen was a Lady of Spain! [“Here is proof that April wrote the show notes this week; I would never refer to myself as a lady! 😂“ ~ Jen]

18:05   Will Capricorn planets get a twist of Aquarius as their ruling planet enters this zippy sign? You betcha!

19:03   Celebrating the collective, as Saturn in Aquarius reminds us: it’s not just about us, it’s about the future! A look back at big Saturn in Aquarius moments in recent history.

19:43   If you’d like to get a reading with April to talk more about your Saturn return, avail yourself of a discounted 1-hour reading! Through March 31, use this discount code at checkout: saturnaqu 

20:24   Jen’s future-oriented 11th-house planets peek ahead to March 2023, as Saturn enters Pisces and Pluto enters Aquarius. What will that far-off future bring? In the U.S., much depends on how we weather our country’s first-ever Pluto return! (Exact dates: 2/20/22, 7/11/22, 12/28/22).

21:31   Mars makes a conjunction with Jupiter (March 20, 4:34 am PDT). Inevitably, the subject of the coronavirus comes up, and April connects it with January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Jen points out April’s prescience in Episode 7, Saturn and Pluto go to the Repair Shop (although it’s actually  Episode 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party when she warned of a worse than usual flu season… have we blamed Mercury yet?)

23:55   Mars and Jupiter remind us of our potential for heroism during this time of worldwide tumult. Be brave, be optimistic, be generous!

26:09   Hear more about Jupiter’s current transit through Capricorn in Episode 2, Falstaff in a Business Suit, and about Mars in Capricorn in Episode 12, Mercury Retrograde: Where Are My Pants?

26:34   Mars comes together with Pluto (March 22/23, 2020, 8:08 pm PDT) for the first time since April 26, 2018. Mars, the warrior, can feel beaten before it even begins. Overcome the dark side with pleasure and positive brain food. And, if you’re April, avoid board games.

28:49   Donna Cunningham continues to influence us this week. Here’s her classic book Healing Pluto Problems.

30:07   The ever-future-oriented Jen looks ahead to Mars’ extended stay in its home sign of Aries later this year (June 27, 2020 – Jan. 6, 2021, retrograde Sep. 9-Nov. 13, 2020). What’s planted in the next few weeks as Mars conjoins Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will reach a critical point during those months. What lessons from this time will you be able to integrate later in the year?

RUN TIME: 33:38

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