Episode 16 | Let’s Talk About Sextiles

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Episode 016 | Let’s Talk About Sextiles!

Join us on a Virgo Full Moon Caravan, as Mercury mercifully turns direct at the end of Aquarius to help us get to our destination. Also, a flurry of planetary sextile aspects this week prompt April’s free mini-lesson on this friendly aspect, bringer of opportunities and information! Plus: Wise words of inspiration from our favorite leadership guru, Coach Taylor; and – wait for it – a Moonwatch theme! It’s April and Jen, saving time – for you.

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00:23  – April and Jen invite you to save time with them today.

01:25 – Coach Taylor reminds you: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

02:02 – Here is Episode 14 with comments on final dispositors – thanks, listener Dora!

03:43 – Friends: Introducing our Moonwatch theme song! The March 9 Virgo Full Moon is at 20 degrees on the Sabian symbol, “An automobile caravan,” with the Sun at 20 degrees Pisces on the Sabian symbol, “A table set for an evening meal.” Both suggest moving ahead collectively toward a common destination, where we’ll sit together in fellowship (see Episode 13) for a common purpose.

09:17 – Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, stations to turn direct on March 9. Learn how that impacts this Full Moon. Here’s how to find where the Mercury retrograde and Full Moon action affect your birth chart.

10:53 – When planets appear to move backwards, do astrologers ever “round down” to the lower degree, instead of rounding up? (And for an explanation of the shadow period, or to hear why April and Jen don’t trust Alexa, head on over to Episode 3.)

12:32 – Please tip your server while listening back to our Jupiter-sized episode from the week of December 23 (Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses).

13:00 – If it’s possible (and sometimes it’s not, because Mercury likes to paint us into a corner, just for fun), wait until Mercury leaves purgatory before finalizing big purchases or making life-changing decisions. (Have April and Jen mentioned they went to parochial school?)

13:59 – There are a flurry of sextile aspects this week: the Sun with Jupiter on March 11 and with Pluto on March 14; Mars sextile Neptune on March 14; Venus sextile the North Node on March 9. Which prompts…

15:53 – …A mini-lesson on the sextile aspect! And what’s the deal with orbs? (Here is the link to the blog post about dissociate aspects.) Includes a good insight about how aspects are similar to signs, courtesy of Bil Tierney via April’s friend and colleague Kelly O’Tillery. (And to hear about the elements, here’s Episode 13.)

22:15 – Enjoy Pi Day!

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