Episode 13 | Pisces Season: Gopher It!

Episode 013: Pisces Season: Gopher it!

April and Jen would like to buy a vowel or two, please, as they paddle furiously against the muddy Mercury Rx in Pisces conversational tide. This week in the Big Sky: A New Moon in Pisces, the Jupiter/Neptune sextile, and Venus and Jupiter in joyful, excessive cahoots. All of this, plus gophers, the four elements, Lady Gaga, kites, Game of Thrones, and more!

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01:05 – A big thank you to listeners who have left such lovely comments! Please keep them coming, and perhaps your co-hosts will read your comment aloud in a future episode! Because we are all about fellowship.

01:40 – More than you probably wanted to know about April’s affinity for Bob Ross in Episode 8!

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04:59 – The Sun wades into Pisces on Feb. 18th, sextiling Uranus on the 22nd and Mars on the 24th. Fire sign April attempts to describe water signs here (more on them in Episode 3!).

05:58 – A description of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

08:18 – Free cheat sheet on the elements!! Grab it here. And while you’re at it, wouldn’t you like to sign up for April’s fantabulous newsletter?

09:19 – Jen wonders whether the Sun/Mercury in Pisces and no planets in air signs right now are making it harder to think clearly? (Because something is!) April gives her two cents, which are worth at least a dollar.

09:58 – Jen is fascinated by April’s casual mention of the gopher civilization taking over her backyard. Plus, hello? The “coincidence” of the connection between April’s backyard and the University of Minnesota’s mascot surely means April is meant to move to Minneapolis… which, happily, April realizes on her own.

10:40 – What does it mean if you are missing one of the four elements in your birth chart?

12:06 – Jen shares an exercise called box breathing as a possible remedy to the current lack of planets in air signs. (Could be helpful, too, if your birth chart is light on this element!). And if earth is what you need, listen to Episode 12 for a quick grounding exercise.

13:10 – Lady Gaga is the avatar of the moment!

14:38 – It’s ** Moonwatch** time! A New Moon (Feb. 23rd) at 4.28 Pisces is on the Sabian symbol “a church bazaar.” (And though April seems to picture it as a Midwestern Mayberry, Minneapolis is a fairly large city, and is officially a terrific place to live!) [“Hey, San Diego is a good-sized city, too, and we have church bazaars!” ~ April]

19:24 – If you have a planet or point at 5 Virgo, go fly a kite! And more about chart configurations.

20:55 – *We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a fleeting Game of Thrones reference.*

23:47 – Listen to last week’s Episode 12 for more about the Jupiter/Neptune sextile, in effect throughout 2020!

24:40 – Venus squares Jupiter on Feb. 23rd… curb your indulgences and know your return policies! Plus, a mini-lesson on astrological grammar.

26:52 – Want to hear more on Jupiter in Capricorn? Check out Episode 2!

29:18 – Check out Episode 3 to hear about Friday the 13th and days of the week.

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