Episode 108 | Aquarius New Moon: Where’s My Comfy Chair?

Ep. 108 | Aquarius New Moon: Where’s My Comfy Chair?

This week’s episode of The Big Sky Astrology Podcast marks a new phase in the life of the show, as our dear Jen Braun has left the podcast and April is flying solo. We know you’ll join us in wishing Jen well in her future projects, and that you’ll continue to keep April company in this new format.

It’s appropriate that this new, solo chapter of the show is being inaugurated at an Aquarius New Moon, a time for shakeups and fresh starts. April describes how the Aquarius New Moon, ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, can feel constricting and conflicting – but also energizing! She offers some thoughts about what “seeds” you should plant during this New Moon phase, and how Mercury leaving its retrograde period influences the week. At the end of the episode, April talks about how much influence astrology has over her day-to-day schedule. (Spoiler: Not much.) Plus: Why April’s mad at her favorite getaway place, how the Moon might help you get a job, and how to use Mercury retrograde… next time.

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[00:16] Aquarius New Moon: A time for change
[01:03] Change is tricky!
[03:24] What you can expect from the show going forward
[04:55] The New Moon in Aquarius
[06:28] Saturn vs. Uranus: Old vs. New
[08:08] What it means to have the Aquarius New Moon connected with Saturn, Uranus
[09:29] Planting seeds in a new lunar cycle
[11:45] How to know what seeds to plant in this new lunar cycle
[12:49] Mercury turns direct: What does that mean for your schedule?
[15:06] Mars out-of-bounds
[16:40] Mars and the sextile aspect to Jupiter
[18:40] Aspect of the week: Sun conjunct Saturn
[20:03] We’re seeing the best of Aquarian innovation
[22:14] A question for April: How much do you use astrology to plan your day-to-day life? (Spoiler: Not much.)
[25:43] What I look at in the sky every day
[27:30] Where to go to find out more about the show
[28:23] Shoutouts to my loyal podcast supporters!

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7 comments to " Episode 108 | Aquarius New Moon: Where’s My Comfy Chair? "

  • Dora

    dear April,
    I’ve been following your podcast ever since its beginning and while I have enjoyed it in its previous version, I have to admit I’m excited to follow it in this new version of it and watch it as it unfolds, so … congratulations on the new start!!!
    I thought I would take take the opportunity to answer the call for questions as I have been ruminating on a couple of astro things for quite some time, perhaps you find them interesting enough to comment on 🙂 (mind you they are both concerning covid but in any case, here they are)

    1. I have been thinking of the Gemini/Sag nodes in terms of local/global due to the restrictions imposed by covid (long gone were long travels, neighborhood outings for some fresh air and/or perspective became the norm. Also, it became impossible to take in the big picture and we had to go by day-to-day information and changes. Plus, on the downside, gossipy and uninformed trivia on covid often won over more scientific and learned views). So the question is, could the Taurus/scorpio nodal axis signify a return to more comfort and security while leaving behind fears of death and darker thoughts/suspicions?

    2. I recently came across a book called ‘Apollo’s Arrow’, written by a renowned scientist who mentioned that, as far as times of struggle and their next phases go, we should expect a period of excessive hedonism as a reaction to covid times around the year 2024, which made me wonder: Can we see in the astrology of that year signs of such behaviour? Does astrology agree with that kind of prediction?

    Thanks you for your time and many blessings on this new podcast phase!!


    • April

      Thanks for all of that, Dora! I’ve happily added these to my questions file for an upcoming episode – thank you! And thanks so much for your good wishes, they’re much appreciated. 🙂

  • Wonderful episode April! I love the additional music, too! Thank you for sharing your insights into the week’s astrology. I feel much more prepared to meet the challenges of the week after listening.

  • Natori

    Well done, April! I like the new intro music 🙂

  • rosa

    Brava April!
    I just finished listening to your new format podcast, and I’m so impressed with your solitary voice! II’m reminded of your beautiful and deep writing which I have been following for years. You shouldn’t have been worried about the change; you’ve certainly risen to the challenge! Looking forward to the next and future podcasts!
    (If I could figure out how to add emojis to comments I would add many hands clapping)

  • Connie L Cameron

    Love this episode cant wait to see how you create going forward. Keep up the great work.

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