Episode 104 | Venus Turns Retrograde: Cheez Food Sirens!

Show Notes for Episode 104 (12/6/2021)

Venus Turns Retrograde: Cheez Food Sirens!

April and Jen cut through the fog to bring you the news of the fortnight: Mars squares Jupiter, focusing action and attention on the future; the Pisces First Quarter Moon and Sun square Neptune call for forward motion through foggy conditions; as Venus conjoins Pluto, get rid of whatever doesn’t look like love; Mars enters Sagittarius and kicks us out of the nest; Mercury enters no-nonsense Capricorn, and Venus turns retrograde in this sensible sign; and the Gemini Full Moon concludes the Gemini/Sagittarius Lunar Nodes/eclipse cycle. Plus: DIY drawer organizers; when good transits go bad; and the processed cheez food that dare not speak its name (okay, it’s imaginary sponsor Velveeta)!

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Episode timestamps:

00:30 – When good transits go bad! April recounts her real-life Instagram horror story, and how it reflects a Mercury/Mars/Saturn/Neptune collision in her birth chart. This is happening to lots of astrologers and others in the wellness community, so PSA: Email folks directly or contact them at their website to work with them!

04:15 – WEEK ONE (Dec. 6-12) begins with Mars square Jupiter (Dec. 7) at 26.24 Scorpio/Aquarius. Sabian symbols: “A military band on the march” and “An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.” Stay focused and avoid taking on more than you can handle (Jupiter).

06:02 – **MOONWATCH** This week brings a First Quarter Moon at 19.13 Pisces (Dec. 10). Sabians: 20 Pisces, “A table set for an evening meal” and 20 Sag, “Men cutting through ice.” The Moon is conjunct Neptune, square the Sun and Mercury. The First Quarter Moon demands action, but we’re trying to move forward through foggy conditions. The Sun is “cutting through” the fog, but Moon/Neptune cautions not to move too fast, to sit for a moment with our intuition. This Lunar Phase Family began with the March 13, 2021 New Moon at 23.03 Pisces.

08:12 – Venus joins Pluto (Dec. 11) at 25.19 Capricorn on the Sabian symbol “A water sprite.” Burn away anything that doesn’t look like love. Get rid of possessions that no longer suit you. Learn about letting go of people and situations that aren’t right for you. This is the first of 3 conjunctions (the other two are Dec. 25, 2021 and March 3, 2022). Are we enjoying the way we’re earning money, and are we being properly compensated for our work?

13:59 – The Sun squares Neptune (Dec. 11/12) at 20.26 Sag/Pisces. On Dec. 7 Mercury also squares Neptune. Seeing things as they are instead of the way we’d like them to be.

14:50 – The Sun represents confidence and physical vitality, and when it squares Neptune, some energy can get leaked… so get extra rest.

15:20 – WEEK TWO (Dec. 13-19) begins with Mars entering Sagittarius (Dec. 13). Energetic Mars in this sign makes leaps of faith and acts on beliefs. Mars conjoins the True South Node (Dec. 15), so it may be time to leave the nest. The lunar nodes leave Gemini and Sagittarius on Jan. 18. With Mars in a fire sign, tempers are shorter, but we let go of the anger faster.

18:35 – Mercury enters Capricorn (Dec. 13 – Jan. 2). Get serious and get down to business. Start working on plans for the new year. Plenty of time to get your year-end planner and develop your plans! Mercury will turn retrograde on Jan. 14, so now is the time to back up your computer. (And it’s always helpful to review Episode 12, Mercury Retrograde: Where Are My Pants?)

19:55 – **MOONWATCH** We have a Full Moon (Dec. 18/19) at 27.28 Gemini on the Sabian symbol, “A man declared bankrupt.” The Sun sits at 28 Sag, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream.” The Sun and Moon are in a T-square with Neptune, so tie up loose ends and seek the path with empathy. Virgo is the escape point, so make lists and get organized. (Do you buy or recycle your drawer organizers?)

25:08 – Welcome new imaginary sponsor, Velveeta!

25:23 – Venus turns retrograde (Dec. 19) at 26.29 Capricorn, and will appear to move backwards until Jan. 29, 2022, at 11.05 Capricorn. How comfortable are we in our bodies? Indulge a bit in what makes you feel good, physically. This is not a great time to initiate things ruled by Venus, but it’s great for building nourishing structures and aligning our values with our relationships and finances. Venus was last retrograde May 12-June 24, 2020 in Gemini, and was last retrograde in Capricorn on Dec. 21, 2013-Jan. 31, 2014.

30:44 – For more weekly planetary highlights, you can always check out April’s weekly column here!

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