I came down with a humdinger of a cold a week and a half ago, and it’s still kicking my ass. Meanwhile every blogger and his mother has already weighed in on the Pope, Charles and Camilla, that woman who died (Shiavo?), etc. I have no further insights to offer about these earth shattering events.

I sure am hearing some interesting real-life eclipse stories from people, though, ranging from the annoying to the disastrous. I actually got to observe that one from the sidelines, more or less, since 19 Aries doesn’t aspect anything in my chart very closely. A bit of a break, actually, since that eclipse point exactly opposed my husband’s Mercury – and between that and Mercury being (until recently)retrograde, he’s had a bit of a time of it. Within the span of a couple of days, his car broke down and his computer crashed. Poor guy.

He recovered his computer and I hope he can get his car running, because the lunar eclipse on the 24th almost exactly squares my natal Mercury. I’ve been busily backing up my computer and checking out deals on rental cars. Do you think it would be a bad idea for me to buy my long-awaited laptop computer this weekend, a week before the eclipse? Yeah, I thought so. Dammit.