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Stuff, trivial and sad

I’m thisclose to finishing my beleaguered site renovation – just have to go over everything and make sure the links and forms are all working, and convert some more articles to the new template. It is beyond tedious – real Venus retrograde in Virgo stuff. I’ve been looking at the …

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Who’s afraid of Sun conjunct Saturn?

I am happy to report that I had an absolutely smashing birthday. If the rest of the year is as good as it began, I will have nothing to complain about (other than the usual; I am, after all, a confirmed curmudgeon). People from far and wide extended kind and …

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I ask you.

Is this fair? I work hard, pay my taxes, give to charities, try to get plenty of fiber in my diet. And THIS is the solar return I get? Observe the Sun conjunct Saturn. AND the Moon conjunct Pluto. But wait, wait, it gets better: every single friggin’ house cusp …

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