Fun With Asteroids, Saturn, and Eclipses

Saturn is poised at the final dramatic degree of Leo, preparing to hurl itself into Virgo on September 2. Pretty darn close, too, to Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse points at 4.46 Virgo/Pisces. Felt like it, didn’t it? The last degree of Leo is associated with a fascinating fixed star called Regulus. …

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Harriet goes down.

Today, Harriet Miers withdrew from consideration for the Supreme Court. Miers, you will recall, was nominated on a Solar Eclipse with the asteroid Harriet (1744) only two degrees from the Solar Eclipse point. She issued her withdrawal with asteroid Harriet at 22.26 Libra – 2 degrees from the Oct. 17 …

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Fun with eclipses and asteroids

On Monday, a few hours after a solar eclipse in Libra, Bush announced his appointment of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court – an appointment that seems to have pleased practically no one. Not surprising, really, given that the eclipse, at 10.19 Libra (the sign that rules judges), conjoined Saturn …

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