New Look

To celebrate 11 years of Big Sky Astrology, we’re sporting a brand new look! Huge thanks go to fabulous design diva Tzaddi Gordon of ThriveWire, for her creative inspiration, beautiful work, and patient professionalism. After 12 years as a confirmed do-it-myselfer (with an occasional assist from my awesome spouse), I …

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In 1992 I went to my first UAC conference. For the uninitiated, the United Astrological Congress is sponored by three of the biggest astrological organizations, NCGR, ISAR, and AFAN, and is usually held every three years or so. It’s like Woodstock or the Academy Awards for astrologers, with an international …

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Astrology to help you rock 2011

Happy 2011! This post will introduce you to some rockin’ content from a few of my astro friends who are offering cool stuff to help you prepare for 2011. If I were Oprah, you’d currently find a free copy of each one under your seat. But since I’m neither obscenely …

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