Air conditioning, Mercury retrograde style!

Cool, manOkay, so we’re bad people: we decided to buy a second air conditioner, even though we really can’t afford to run the one we already have. The heat shows no sign of letting up, and the bedroom that serves as a guestroom/office has become uninhabitable for guests (of which we’re having the usual summer procession), who are sleeping fitfully and waking up grouchy. And it’s no picnic for me working in there, either. So, we went online, found one we wanted at Sears (who I’d successfully boycotted since they pulled their advertising from Bill Maher’s show post-9/11, but let’s not get into that – they had the damn air conditioner we wanted) and purchased it online for pickup at one of their local stores. We dutifully tottled off, the staff couldn’t have been friendlier or more helpful, we came home with our bounty. Really, the whole transaction was spookily easy.

Come on. You know what’s coming next. We opened the box, which had obviously been opened before, because vital pieces of the installation kit were missing. And so, to avoid comical reenactments of Kramer’s faulty “installation” of Jerry’s a/c on Seinfeld (it ended up falling out of a third-story window and onto a dog), Jonny retrograded to Sears and fetched a replacement. Which was perfect, and has now been installed, and has transformed my office into a climate controlled Xanadu. I tell you, it is heaven on earth!

See? A Mercury retrograde happy ending! (Except for Jonny, who did all the heavy lifting….)

Oh, and because I apparently didn’t have enough on my hands with two or three websites and a blog, I’ve carved out a little spot on MySpace: I have no idea what I’ll end up doing over there, but let me know if you’d like to be added to my “friends” list.