Episode 6 | Saturn & Pluto Eat More Crunchy Things

Happy New Year! This week, Mars enters Sagittarius and the First Quarter Moon is in Aries. Otherwise, it’s a slow astrological news week – so April and Jen set you up for next week’s big Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which astrologers have been talking about forever! All this, plus: if planets were dogs, an iconic poison control spokescritter, and taking a bite out of the new year with lots of food references.

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00:30 – Did you know Capricorn is the resolutions sign? Are crunchy foods a resolution or a lifestyle choice?

02:03 – April gives a shout out to Honeycomb Collective and their awesome personal astrological almanacs!

02:55 – April finally accepts that someday she’ll move to Minneapolis. 😊 [“Can you tell Jen wrote the show notes?” ~ April]

03:41 – What does Mars mean astrologically? This week, he moves into Sagittarius, and like an ice cream sundae, gets a big plop of Jupiter chocolate sauce on his head.

05:18 – A nutshell of fixed signs: April’s Leo planets and Jen’s Scorpio planets are all, “I’m not stubborn, you’re stubborn!”

10:20 – Mars rules the noggin, so it’s appropriate to say: Head’s up! He’ll be retrograde this fall.

11:22 – The First Quarter Moon happens in action-oriented Aries, but a thundering herd of planets in Capricorn admonishes us not to run with scissors. Killjoys.

15:26 – Yep, April and Jen set you up for the gimungous Saturn/Pluto conjunction next week! You’re welcome.

17:26 – Jen is fairly certain that Saturn, if he were a dog, would be a Border Collie.  And here is a photo of Jen’s dog from back in the day.

18:30 – April shares the colors of Saturn and Pluto, while Jen misremembers the name of a 1970s Poison Control Center image.

21:20 – The North Node in Cancer reminds us to be inclusive. It’s a Big Sky, and there’s room for everyone!

28:18 – April’s Venus in Cancer likes to bake bread (sourdough, of course – her Venus is kissed by Pluto!).

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