Episode 5 | Unboxing Eclipses

Begin your list of 2020 goals, because Mercury moves into Capricorn this week! April and Jen spend the rest of this jumbo-sized episode discussing the upcoming Solar Eclipse, and in general what eclipses mean, how they work, and why we use them.

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01:21 – The quote of the week comes from April: “We go nowhere, we see no one, and we do nothing.” Points if you can guess what she’s talking about!

03:19 – Jen is very fancy: She has a basement in her house! (But not a cellar.)

06:28 – What else has nothing to do with astrology? Murphy beds!

06:54 – April is also fancy with her new front path!

fancy hobbity path

07:16 – Jen urges April to take a bite out of the Minneapple. Again.

07:49 – We finally remember we’re supposed to be talking about astrology and get down to business, starting with Mercury moving into Capricorn. We’re pretty sure Capricorn has a basement, but maybe not a Murphy bed.

09:47 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! Depending on your time zone, this will be happening on Christmas Day (December 25th) or…

10:10 – …on Boxing Day (December 26th). Or is it Unboxing Day?

14:04 – April recounts her checkered history of eclipses aspecting her natal Venus, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Venus asks: Do you deserve this treatment? In the end: You love you.

16:53 – What is an eclipse? Solar vs. Lunar Eclipses and what they mean astrologically.

22:42 – Don’t call me Shirley!

23:30 – This eclipse is tied to the solar eclipse from December 25th, 2000. We learn about the Metonic cycle and how this eclipse activates the same points in your chart.

25:44 – Eclipses in the house(s)!

27:53 – Eclipses move backwards through the chart – that is to say, clockwise. So forward motion is counterclockwise, which makes no sense… until you learn that the planets orbit the Sun counterclockwise. Aha!

34:50 – We love us some Pema Chödrön!

35:05 – Eclipses in aspect to natal planets!

44:15 – The few aspects April uses in eclipse work, and why.

45:47 – April’s interview about eclipses on Melissa LaFara’s Energetic Principles podcast!

46:18 – Shameless plug for April’s Followed by a Moonshadow Eclipse Report – special promo code for podcast listeners! Use code podcasteclipse5 at checkout to get a $5 discount (through December 27, 2019). Order here!

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